Well I didn't expect this!


I'm 48, fit as a fiddle (or so I thought), then started getting palpitations for no apparent reason. Luckily my wife made me go to my GP and he diagnosed AF - the random kind.

So, I've had an echo cardiogram, CT angiogram and that was abnormal so having a coronary catheterisation next, just to confirm if I have some blockages or not.

Just started Bisoprolol, some statins and asperin until we know what the actual cause is.

I've never had to have any medicine in my life so this is all very new and scarey for me.

Oh well, chin up as they say!

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  • Welcome to the group ,I'm quite new myself but everyone on here is friendly and give excellent advise so don't be afraid to ask questions xx

  • Hi. I have had AF for many years (since 1989) having had heart problems since birth. With the right medication (it will probably take a few weeks until the right dosages are found for you and your system gets used to it) but if you are fairly sensible, take your meds regularly, and don't do anything daft like having toooo many drinks in the pub, you will find that you can have a really GOOD quality of life. I am now almost 72 with 6 grandchildren and have a pretty reasonable and enjoyable life even though I now have other health probs too. But I'm sure you will find that it is not as scary as you think, just give yourself and the meds time to work properly and you'll be fine.

    Good luck with everything!!

  • Can I ask what the asperin has been prescribed for?

  • Hi Mike,

    I think it was prescribed just in case as they haven't got to the bottom of why I have PAF but suspect a possible narrowing of a tube somewhere which showed up in the CT. That's why they want to do a Cardio Catheterisation to get a better view of the blood flow etc.

    I've had some chest pains as well as the PAF so perhaps they are just being cautious?

  • Ok, I'm not a doctor but asperin is not used in treatment of AF anymore for stroke prevention.

  • If there is any risk of cardiac artery disease Mike aspirin is not a bad idea. Its not for stroke prevention in this case I suspect but to reduce the chances of an MI.

  • I thought that might be the case, thanks for the info Bob

  • Indeed. Chin up but also readeverything you can and watch the Sanjay Gupta videos. Read about magnesium and Hawthorne etc

  • Welcome to the forum. Being fit, eating a healthy diet, being the correct weight with low cholesterol will all diminish risk but it doesn't mean that it removes it completely. Be happy that you are being diagnosed now so that AF can be treated.

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