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What should I expect from ablation?


I had AF for years. Heart shocks at least 5 times. Then put on Tykosyn and had a loop recorder inserted. This was successful. EP said since medication had af under control then a ablation should be successful and then I can get off medication I had ablatiom on July 6. I guess I thought that I would feel better immediately but not so. My af seems to be under control but I’m am very tired, lightheaded often ( blood pressure drops) nausea and generally don’t feel well. Was I expecting to much. Please help me. Will I get better!

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The answer is yes! See the pinned post to the right of the posts 'Recovering from an Ablation'.

Best wishes 😊

It takes time. You must believe you will. It is a very mind body connection process. After my ablation it took 9 months to regain my normal resting pulse rate and I was very use to exercising in place to control anxiety and stay healthy. I had to overcome and rehab from a Pulmonary Embolism that nearly killed me about 10 days after my ablation. So I was recovering from both while living alone and needing back surgery as I take daily pain meds and battle sometimes panic & anxiety to get thru the day. "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome" the day is my saying. Good luck. I am off all meds now, including arythmia drugs, thinners and SIRI's for anxiety. LIFESTYLE MATTERS, but I still carry my pill in pocket (Flecinide) and Ativan for emergencies. :^) You will get better.

It takes time...really really don’t expect too much just take it slow. My last and final one took months to settle. I was at the point I wished I never had it done, I was so tired, so anxious.....very debilitated.....then it suddenly began to improve....Amazing

The "Recovering from an ablation" guide is a good place to start.

There's no single answer to the question, everyone seems to have had different experiences.

If you want a positive one; I felt fine the morning after I had mine. My heartrate was back to normal resting rate and the leg wound felt fine too. I almost had to force myself to do nothing for 2 weeks because I felt so well.

5 months on and there is no evidence of having been through the experience. I'm doing regular exercise again, and just getting on with things.

Good luck.

As the other posters have said, it takes time for the heart to heal. It also takes time to not be so on edge as we were before the ablation. I had my ablation May 14. I had a couple of “hiccups” the first few weeks. I’ve been afib, aflutter free since May 31. Interestingly, my blood pressure had improved so much that my doc cut my meds to 25% of what I had been taking prior to afib. Lightheaded ness all but disappeared. So just relax, let your heart heal, life will be better.

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