Disheartened 2 months post 2nd Ablation

Hi everyone, I had my second ablation on 3rd March . My previous ablation was 30th August last year. I have felt different this time. Initially terrible aching soldiers and back, so painful, my consultant said that would be because he had burnt all across the top of the heart. First few weeks I had a few funny rhythms, fast and missed beats on and off only occasional, all expected. After a few weeks a strained feeling in chest, sore and warm and sometimes icy. Then I would get few flutters or thuds but all feeling much gentler than before. Have been feeling optimistic as overall things were a lot quieter than before. The last few days missed beats and thuds have returned and my heart rate has been varying from 60 to 104, 98/104 today, I feel exhausted. Feeling disheartened as I was beginning to think it had worked this time. I am not sure if it has returned or heart is still settling. I must mention that I am under a lot of stress and have been for the last couple of weeks as I have been told my mum is in her last days or weeks and have been keeping vigil. Not all day but 4 to 8 hours a day. Don't know how many of you believe stress can be a factor or could it be it has t worked again. Sorry for rambling on and on but thanks for any advice. Fiona x

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  • Hi Fiona, I can really appreciate how difficult it must be for you, not knowing if you were right to think that your 2nd procedure had worked or if the feelings you're having now are as a result of the stress you are no doubt under with the news about your mum. For sure stress is a factor with AF but at the moment there's not a lot you can do to alleviate that in the circumstances. If your consultant or arrhythmia nurse is available it might be useful to contact them and explain about the thuds and missed beats and how they are worrying you and leaving you feeling exhausted. Sorry I can't give you much more advice than that in the circumstances but I'm sure others in the community will be more helpful.

    Please don't feel you have to apologise for posting, you're not rambling on by any means. This forum is where you come to get support and advice, so don't stop asking questions or asking for help.

    Sending you a virtual hug and very best wishes, Kate.

  • Ahh how lovely Kate, I feel better already. It is reassuring to get support and advice off everyone here. I will monitor how I go and report it if it continues but probably it is down to stress too. X

  • Hi Fiona - I'm sorry to hear what you are going through right now. Yes, stress can certainly make your heart play up. I have strong evidence for that, but won't go into it here. It must be extremely stressful for you right now with your poor mum and I'm sure that will be what's making your heart rate go haywire.

    I wonder if your GP could give you a pill to help calm and ease your stress levels during this difficult time. It may be an idea to ring and have a chat with one of the doctors at your surgery and explain what you are experiencing

    Ramble away all you want to us. We are your AF family here and are always ready to give any support that we can.

    Big healing hug.


  • Thank you Jean for your supportive and encouraging reply. It really does help asking and getting it off your chest on here as you say to our a.f. family. I will see how it goes but am feeling more positive already. Hugs. Xx

  • I think Jean's advice re asking gp for something to help calm you during this difficult time is good. Also look up some breathing exercises to help relax you.

    It took my heart 5 months to calm down after ablation but that was in November 2013 and all good since.

    Both my parents died in 2013/14 so understand the stress you are experiencing.

  • Thank you. Pleased to hear your a.f is under control. Sorry for the loss of both your parents, must have been very difficult for you. I am feeling a lot calmer and encouraged, was literally disheartened the other day. This forum is just amazing. Thanks x

  • Hi Fiona,

    I have nothing to add to the very nice replies you have had so far.

    Just wanted to wish you all the best in the days/weeks ahead.



  • Thank you Barry how kind, everyone's being so lovely, it really helps.

  • Me too...can't really add to the very supportive responses...just to say mine and lots of the thoughts of other folks on here will be with you at this very difficult time for you and yours. Kind regards. Roy

  • Thanks Roy, it has really helped me. I will be strong and will take care.

  • It is very hard at such times to retain some equilibrium and I am sure that the stress is at fault . Not much one can say but virtual hugs from me as well (((( ))))).


  • Thank you Bob, feeling a lot better. This site and everyone's kindness has really helped. Yes stress is definitely an issue here but I am feeling stronger, was pretty low the other day with everything and then the returning a.f. Thanks again. X

  • Grief, which you are already feeling, is known to have a physical effect on the heart. I can't say I know how you feel because we all feel things in our own way but I have been in your situation and hope for a peaceful end.

  • Thank you, yes you are right. I was feeling pretty low and then the a.f returned, which alone was exhausting me, but am now feeling great support from everyone. Thank you. x

  • Hi Fiona,

    You may remember it does take a while for things to settle down afterwards, and you are right

    stress does play an enormous part in your recovery, I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this at the same time, it is nice to be able to find somewhere to 'vent ',you don't need to apologise,

    Virtual hugs to you! stay strong.

    Wendi xx

  • Thank you, I feel uplifted already by everyone's support and advice. So kind. X

  • You have been thrust into a difficult and significant moment in your life with the news about your mother. It will be stressful, affecting your own health so perhaps expect your already upset heart not to be in best form.

    It's also a special time that you have been given while you still have your mother, a time to make the most of good moments that there will be, to adjust and reflect, to support your mother and your family as you all go through the weeks ahead and to be supported in all sorts of odd ways that will uplift you even though the journey is not an easy one.

  • Thank you so much, lovely words of encouragement and advice. I think I was feeling pretty low the other day, understandably so and to top it all off my a f returned. You have all made me feel so much better. Thank you. X

  • We are here any time you'd like a dose of support, encouragement or fortitude.

  • I agree with all the above comments, stress is just what you don't need but sometimes unavoidable as in your case. Try to maximise your downtime with rest and relaxation. Sending ((((hugs))).


  • Thank you so much x

  • They have said it all. I will just send more hugs.... you can't have too many!

    Angela xx

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