2 weeks post cyro ablation

Hi all

I am now two weeks after my ablation at the Golden Jubilee. It's been difficult to take it as easy as I would have liked as my mother in law who lives with us sadly died on 11th. The 1st week I was very good and didn't do much at all. But the house has had lots of activity clearing out her things along with the sadness and stress of her unexpected passing. Had some short spells of fast beats going on but nothing long lasting. I returned to work today. They only managed to ablate 3 of my 4 pulmonary veins as the phrenic nerve went into palsy on the 4th so they had to stop. The phrenic nerve recovered ok. The EP said there was a 70% chance that my PAF would be solved. So for anyone considering ablation my experience has been that the procedure itself was pain/discomfort tolerable. I have found that I felt back to normal after a week. Some extra fast beats etc now and again with a bit of weak feeling down right arm but know to ignore then as it is so soon after op but I am a bit if a worrier !

Fingers crossed for a PAF free year !

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  • A bit of a roller coaster for you, one way and another. Let's hope all will go well from now on.

  • That's a lot to cope with in two and a bit weeks. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Take it easy whenever you can - be kind to yourself - Lots of rest!!!!

  • Hi there, I had mine yesterday and feeling the same. A bit off and feeling some runs of fast beats. Is that all normal? The EP says it is but I'm a worrier too. Hope this is the end for me too. Best of luck.

  • In my case it was normal but it eventually resolved itself. It takes time to heal and settle after such an invasive procedure.

  • Sounds like a tough time, it's a lot to cope with, but it sounds like you're doing everything right and it's going well. Just rest and recuperate.

  • So sorry that you are dealing with the loss of a loved one in addition to healing. Try to take it easy if you can, and know that you might experience some weird beats and odd feelings for months after the ablation. Know that in my case it all resolved so keep your chin up. God bless and good luck to you!

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