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2 months post Ablation update

Strange things happening,

Since had Ablation my pulse has been 110 to 120 per min, a few mornings ago it was 140 felt like a bag of worms in chest, felt i had A F back and Ectopic beats.

The next morning checked pulse was in normal rhythm no A F or Ectopic beats and a pulse of 56 for last couple of days.

Still on Amiodarone, not sure pulse will stay regular just hope it does, time will tell,

Bob was right its early days yet can take up to 6 months to settle down.

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Stay calm Higgy.....I had a couple of small episodes 7 months after the ablation and I was told by an EP that it didn't mean it had failed.....fingers crossed for both of us!!!


Yes. Good luck to you


Same here I had my ablation 2 months ago, sometimes my hr is 110-120, just standing or simply walking my dog. The other day it raced, but luckily EKG came back normal Still as they said it was my anxiety. I was put on a 24 hr monitor Just in case. I hope everything is still ok.


Hi. Yes bob said you have high heart rate after Ablation. Still can be worrying. Good luck for future


Don't worry, trust the process for now....I had symptoms 8 months post ablation ....now feels great last 6 months!!!!


Good to hear. Hope it lasts


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