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I had my second ablation 15 months ago and i have experienced some problems that my doctor does not seem bothered about. I have been getting 1 missed heart beat on average every minute for the last week and it occasionally goes very fast for a few seconds before returning to normal. It has done the later about once a month since the ablation, and you feel as if you are about to die as it is a strange sensation. My concern is that because it is paroxysmal they rarely catch it on ECG so, are reluctant to test. Should I be concerned?

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  • I have the same things from time to time. The problem is that these ectopic beats and short runs of tachycardia are quite normal for all people but we AFers just get paranoid about them and feel them whilst others don't notice a lot of the time. Realistically there isn't a lot can be done so try to ignore them and find ways to not worry.


  • Thank you for the quick response Bob. My Doctor once told me that and offered an apology because I had a heightened awareness to 'death con 1' having suffered with AF and SVT for 4 years prior to first Ablation. Severe problems followed first ablation resulting in 200bpm SVT and 140bpm regular Afib. I was told that it would take me a long time to get my confidence back. I was just a bit concerned since they dismiss you from the hospital and there is no follow ups to make sure you are ok. I know they are snowed under but a bit of reassurance would take a load off of my GP and my back. Thank you once again.

  • Hi I am PAF to and despite only being on warfarin I to have been discharged and wish there were follow ups as I get several ectopics , but our clinic is also extremely busy so think they discharge you asap , I try to ignore eptopics and I get several a minute ? I assume is normal with Paf or Af ???

  • Yes, I think that is the problem. I got so used to getting ready to call an Ambulance that as soon as I get an alert now, I am waiting for the next event. I was never aware of these missed beats and rapid random beats (4 -6 second episode) before I started getting the SVT's and AF. I guess I expected to go back to normal after the Ablations. Like Bob said, maybe I am, I just got used to realising what others would think was indigestion as a change in rhythm. My GP is surprised that I feel every missed beat but when he checks pulse I can tell him exactly when it misses. My biggest concern is that after so much trouble they now make their diagnosis based on what I tell them and not with an ECG unit, this was part of the reason why it took them 3 years to realise how bad the problem was.

  • I get loads too and they still scare me even though I've had no AF since last May's ablation. My EP assures me that they are no more than what the 'normal' population get. I suppose it's because for so long, they always lead to an AF episode and I'm still can't stop worrying.

  • Get a 1 week Holter test done which will give them plenty of records of what is happening, which as everybody says is probably benign but it should put your mind at rest once and for all. If you are really worried just make a private one-off consultation with the EP so that you can get a good half-hour to discuss your concerns properly.

  • Interesting to read. I have similar experiences since my fifth ablation in October. I have days when my heart seems to want to go into AF, but can only manage ectopics of about 1 in 20 beats. I do feel very off colour, and a strange sensation of a 'raised diaphragm' or upwards pressure in my neck. I call it 'the State'. I am still trying to work out what is aggravating the condition and what sets off 'the State'. I think wine can do it. Fatigue from not enough sleep. Nasal decongestants?

    Still, not true AF for me for over three months, and that has got to be a good thing. Thank you doctors.

  • David, what you say is very interesting. This is exactly what I experience prior to my heart going into AF. I have had 4 ablations in 7 months and I think it is taking a long time to heal. I feel upwards pressure in my throat neck region and sometimes it jumps into AF and other times it is a false alarm. So hopefully I am slowly coming right. I avoid coffee and alcohol, if I can, and also exerting myself physically. Although in saying that I can be sitting still and relaxing and it will jump to 150bpm and become irregular. Fingers crossed for the future.



  • Like Bob said, odd beats now and then not uncommon in general population. I felt them for at least ten years before suddenly escalating to 40 percent then 80 percent and finally 100 percent of the time. Since ablation in September, I've thankfully reset to ten years ago! So far so good! I'd be a little more concerned with two or three every minute though as someone else mentioned.

  • I do not miss the AF, it got to the point where I could not stand up without triggering it for anything between 2-5 hours each time. What I do get now is an odd sensation like pressure or gas moving around my chest which seems to take your breath away for a few seconds and you have this feeling of impending doom. I checked my pulse on one occasion and it was rapid irregular but fortunately, it does not last long. I cannot knock the care during the Ablation process but the after care is non existent. If I wanted an ECG without calling an Ambulance, I would have to wait a week which makes it pointless.

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