12 days after Ablation back at work

Hello, 12 days after Ablation back at work gardening,

I am self employed gardener so if i don't work no money to pay bills' Heart is beating 85 to 90 a min, used to be 72 before Ablation, feeling ok would have liked bit more time off work, trying not to over do it but i seem to have plenty of energy.

Got to see thyroid specialist in 2 weeks, and still on Amiodarone till i have my review in june been on it for over a year now, would like to get off it but worried A F will come back. keep you posted on progress.

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  • Fantastic news Higgy, I was wondering how you were doing.....my rate was around 10/15 higher after the ablation, but after about 2/3 months it started to return to normal(ish)....all the best, John

  • Thanks Flapjack, nice to hear what happens to other people

  • Raised heart rate post ablation is normal. It should return to normal over the next six months or so. Just another thing they never tell you.

  • Thanks Bob, nice to have you back on board

  • Hi Higgy,

    You doing great, keep it up,

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks Barry

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