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AF after ablation :-(

I had an ablation one week ago today after having had episodes of several hours AF per day for over a year.

For the first 5 days post ablation I didn't even get a flutter, but most of yesterday I had very mild AF on and off, and today I have been similar but with 'proper' very unpleasant AF for the last hour or so.

I was told at the hospital to expect this for the first few weeks/months post ablation, but after having had 5 whole AF free days I am now quite gutted.

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I think it is still early

I had my ablation since two months and I'm still improving , even I'm having other problems rather than the flutter

But for sure I'm now a lot better than a month earlier, try to relax and rest as much as possible during the first month , then start to go back to your normal life gradually

Wish you well


Andy I know how you feel but you have to accept that it's VERY early days and this is absolutely not an indication that the ablation has failed. Your heart is healing and you have to give it time. I had an episode 5 days after the procedure , another one 8 weeks after and none since and it's been just over 4 months now since the ablation.

Good luck.


Andy I've been reading a lot about ablation so I know what to expect when i see someone at the Brompton in december and ALL the literature says they do not count any AF that occurs within the first 3 months after ablation when deciding if it has been a success. They seem to expect some activity because the heart is irritable from surgery so don't worry. Are you feeling better apart from this?



Yes thanks I'm feeling good apart from some AF episodes. Walked 1 mile on sunday, 2 on tuesday, 3 on wednesday and 5 miles this morning. No problems at all.


that's great progress! Well done!


Hi Andy,

As the others say, it is very early days and the scar tissue that stops the AF will still be forming. Whatever the hospital tells you, it is the experience of many of us on here that it can take 6 to 12 months to get to an equilibrium following ablation.


I think most people have AF after an ablation. I had AF after 2 days, very badly, then I had further attacks but they got progressively less frequent and less imact over the next month or two until they stopped completely. I think you said your heart hurt after the ablation so it was probably very inflamed which would induce the AF.


I had an ablation at the London Heart hospital UCH in 20010. I have only had 3 significant episodes of fast AF since then, although I still experience an irregular rythm. I am still taking 5mg of Bisoprolol daily and would like to come off it . as I think it contributes to my tiredness, slow heartbeat (50) and sensitivity to cold weather however whenever I have tried to stop taking it I get more irregular rythms Cavendish10


Maybe you need to discuss with your doctor to reduce the dose of your beta blocker

It is not advisable to stop it without your doctor confirmation


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