Post Ablation - TIRED of the cough. How long did it last for you post ablation?... 1/15/17 Update* Turns out I have a Pulmonory Embolism

Hi all my AF roomies. As you know I had Ablation bout 2 weeks ago and my dry cough is horrid. Can only take shallow breaths. I was under for 5-6 hours and don't know if cough is coming from throat or chest. Throat I would suspect. I did have a transesophageal echocardiogram during the procedure, maybe that is the cause?

What say you more experienced than I ? Thanks :^)

1/15/17 - Update: long story short. Unable to breath lying down, breaths getting shorter and shallower. EP recommended trip to Emergency Room ASAP for CT heart scan. Thinking ablation problem or Pneumonia? - Was just released from overnight in Hospital - Tests prove pulmonary embolism, looks and feels just like Pneumonia. UGH. Through all this at least the Ablation is rock solid!! :^) Old blood thinner did not stop EP from happening. Now on 2 shots daily of Lovenox to the belly self administered. Pradaxa blood thinner should preclude clots from forming so now I am really concerned..

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  • Hi, I've had three RF ablations two under sedation only and one under general anaesthetic. I didn't have a cough after any of them, so like you wonder if it's caused by you having a transesophageal echocardiogram.


  • Thanks Jean. It's a PITA having this. Can hardly get a sentence out without coughing. Hope all this discomfort is worth it going forward.

    Sorry to read that you had to endure 3 of these... :^(

  • Think about having it checked out as you are having trouble taking a deep breath. I had fluid on lungs after a different long op and a pneomothorax discovered a couple of months after my ablation (though that may have been a coincidence). I believe the dry cough is common after an ablation but worth a checkup.

  • I sure hope so. I am wondering though this is going on 2 weeks post and it is not getting much better.

  • I had that cough after the same procedures as you and it was gone by 2 weeks. I'm 41 days post ablation now and have no cough left at all. I noticed it slowly getting better, but I wasn't under nearly as long as you were. It couldn't hurt to call and check about it.

  • I did and have a followup in a few weeks. I sure hope they did not hurt, puncture or abrade anything else down in there. (sarcasm)

    EP nurse said if fever or anything else persists call it in.

    It could take a few weeks. *BUT it already has been a few weeks?

  • I'd feel the same way as I've had some of that happen...hahaha If it's really that bad, you should insist on an earlier followup. My cough was very irritating for a good week or more.

  • That is a great idea if we were not buried under so much snow and dicey icy driving conditions at the present. Thanks.

  • I have had a number of ablations always had a TOE and GA.

    I had a sore throat for a couple of days but no cough.

    Seems to me this is going on too long for you I suggest that you at least talk to your GP. Normally you are also given a phone number to ring if you have any problems on discharge so if you are at all concerned I suggest you give to number a call.


  • Not related to ablation but I do know from personal experience that anyone with even a minor asthmatic condition will cough forever if taking beta blockers


  • I had a persistent cough for about 8 weeks after my first ablation (Cryo). Eventually went away and did not return. Did not have a cough after my second RF ablation. This side effect while annoying, typically will dissipate over time.

  • I had an atrial valve replacement and ablation at the same time last March. I developed a very dry cough a few weeks afterwards which meant I could hardly speak. I discovered that a strong cup of cocoa lined the throat at night or when the coughing was bad and after about a week of this, the cough disappeared. It might have gone on its own anyway, but I think it helped. Any excuse for some cocoa!

  • After my 1st ablation I developed a chest infection, cough and tightness, given an antibiotic and was fine after a few days. Have you had this investigated by your GP. May be worth a visit.


  • I had cryoablation under ga in August 2016 and had that cough, the one where you think some lung might come up, for about 8-10 wks. Gone now but shocking and worrying at the time.

  • I had a sore throat for about six weeks and a cough for at least part of that time following cryoablation with a transesophageal echocardiogram.

  • Thank you all for your input. At least I know I am not alone in this horrid cough that still plagues me 14 days post op. I was beginning to wonder if I had something else wrong with me and the nurse was trying to put me off with the "Wait and see" attitude. Chest infection, etc, is something I had not thought of but if this does not either bet better or worse in another week I will be getting much more aggressive in my search for answers.

  • I had 2 ablations and dry cough was from the TOE and gradually reduced over a few months but it was about 3 months before it went completely.

  • Well I'm not alone. I sure hope this takes a lot less time. Thanks for your input..;^

  • I had a few complications with mine so for your sake I hope yours clears quickly.

  • The story gets better, or worse I should say. UNABLE to lie down to sleep now without extreme muscle in chest pain. Breathing very shallow. Had to sleep in Recliner last night. EP nurse scheduling a Chest CT to see whats going on.

    And the Beat goes on...

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