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12 week ablation appointment

Quick question for those who have undergone an ablation

When you had your 12week/3month post ablation check, did you all get to see your EP, or were you only seen by the AF nurse?

I am a bit perturbed I never got to see my EP last week, only the nurse, my first EP appointment by all accounts is September, that was never the info I was given prior to or on discharge from the hospital after the ablation.



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Exactly like you, I was seen by a nurse. At my 6 month check I was seen by an excellent registrar.

I would refuse to see this nurse ever again. She wrote a report which was totally inaccurate and full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. They've had it back - marked. She wrote that I suffered from light headedness. Not true, and never discussed. They will not take this off my records although they have recorded my denial. This was important as 2 weeks before I saw this woman I had applied for a new driving licence and certified that I did not suffer from dizzyness. I still have nightmares about this. A police officer has warned me that it has potential to cause me difficulties were I to be involved in an accident.

She wanted me to have a 48 hr monitor but I refused it and had a 7 day one instead.

Another nurse recorded that I had had myeloma . Not true, it was melanoma. Fortunately the EP noticed when I said that I had never sunbathed in my life.

I am now on permanent red alert.


That's a shame Jenny. My arrhythmia nurse is absolutely fabulous. Craig Russell at Leeds General Infirmary responds to emailed questions or concerns as though you were the only person on his books. Need something following up? Contact Craig and it's done! Together with EP Dr Lee Graham we have a formidable arrhythmia team here in the North.

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I know that others might not agree but I was a patient representative on the BHF committee which trialled arrhythmia nurse specialists some seven or eight years ago. They are normally trained to MA level during a punishing schedule and the full title is arrhythmia nurse specialists. In many hospitals they do hold clinics and are authorised to prescribe medication etc. so it would not be unusual for you to see one from time to time during your treatment. We actually did a straw pole of EP consultants and found that given the choice of another registrar or an ANS in most cases they would choose the ANS.

Of course there will always be bad apples in any barrel but on balance I trust them and appreciate the work that they do.


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Do you mind me asking what was discussed at your meeting with the nurse. My 3 month appointment is next week. I can see why it may be better to see the E.P. At 6 months rather than 3 months if it is a case of either / or. I would really like to ask my E.P. some details of the procedure as I was so sleepy after the procedure I can't remember what was said.x


Dedeottie, I was asked how I was and how I'd been since the ablation. I gave her a photocopy of my events diary. It was agreed that I would have a monitor fitted at our local hospital and that I would continue with 2.5 Bisoprolol.

I had had several bouts of irregular and mild flutter and I wasn't sure what it was.

All was well until I received a copy of her report. That was when I went off at the deep end. Had I been muddled with someone else? I don't know!


It sounds very much as if she had written someone else's notes on yours. That could have been so dangerous. Luckily you were on the ball. X


I would just liked to have told I was seeing the AN and not the EP, not disputing anyone's knowledge but I could of well as just seen my GP who could of referred to notes and asked how I was feeling after my ablation.

And to be told a further six weeks was required for a 7 day monitor to be fitted to determine if AF was present was pretty deflating.


Hi, After my first ablation I saw my EP but before my second ablation

I was dithering wondering whether to go down that route again when I

got called for preassessment. I explained my doubts and luckily an arrhythmia nurse was there who was most helpful and explained my

options and what would be his best advice, which I took. I went home

just as informed as if id seen my EP, no problem at all.



As with all these things its down to the calibre and attitude of the medic be it EP, Registrar, Specialist Arrhythmia Nurse or GP. The very good ones are great, some mediocre, others like jennydog's nurse who verged on incompetence.

Hopefully the majority are capable individuals as we have to put our selves in their hands when at our most vulnerable.

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Hi, after my ablation my 12week appointment was with a locum cardiologist was told that there wasn't an arrythmia nurse in the trust at that time. He seemed to be more interested in making sure I filled in his census form as to how well I thought he performed.


Never had 12 week follow up. Mine have always been 6 week and 6 month but always with EP. Never seen an AF nurse


I assume the EP took you through the Ablation procedure with a video or slide show. Once I had seen that it was all down to the specialist nurse along with the after care until you see the EP again after 3 months following the Ablation. The nurse can pass any concerns onto the EP during that time. Bristol were great.


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