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Follow up appt after ablation

It's a New Year and got my first appt with my cardiologist on Tuesday following my last hospital stay in September. Had my ablation in July and was put on Dronedarone in Sept due to a few episodes of af and a blackout. Was feeling great until last few weeks when my energy levels gone from great to being like a zombie and breathless. And sleeping like a new born. No changes to meds and started changing way I eat (lost nearly 1 stone). Plus partner noticed I'm once again gasping for breath in my sleep which hasn't happened for months. Def loads questions for cardiologist Tuesday. At least I've had no af episodes since on the Dronedarone. Few little niggles I can feel but nothing major. Just wish my energy would return. Like I was before the ablation but without the palpitations

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You might question sleep apnoea if you are gasping for breath at night This could explain a lot.


Hi Bob it has been mentioned before. I can remember just after my ablation op during a few mins I woke up the nurse saying "Dr Shepherd thinks she might have sleep apnea" but nothing was mentioned after that. I'll bring it up on Tuesday


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