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Hi. Am due to have my follow-up appt. on March 11, had my ablation ( cryo) last December. What can I expect, is it generally just a chat or will I have an ECG. I've only had a couple of episodes of AF that I've been aware of and they were in the first couple of weeks following the procedure. I have occasional ectopics and thumping but no AF as I know it. Just wondered what others' experiences were.

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  • Whenever I went to Royal Brompton I was sent for ECG upstairs as soon as I booked in and before joining the wait for EP consultant. I always allowed half an hour before my allotted appointment. All hospitals work differently I'm sure but worth thinking about. After that it was a chat to see how I was doing and discuss ongoing treatment, next appointment etc.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thank you, will do that.

  • My experience is exactly as Bob described above. I had a similar 6 month check too and they (Liverpool ) want to see me again in another 6 months.

  • Thank you for replying

  • I have one every six months. They do an ECG, we discuss if drugs are working and have I had any problems. I usually ask them something like should I still be anti-coagulated, and should I continue on my current rhythm control drugs. And can I change the dose if I wanted to. I asked that and the EP gave me a range of zero to 750mgs a day. I'm glad I asked as my normal dose is 500.

    I always get there early and they do my ECG pretty well on arrival. EP appointment seems to be done in booking sequence. That's the QE in Birmingham.


  • Mine does a 24 or 48 hr holter monitor a few days befoir the appointment so consultant has this available for the meeting. Also ECG on the day.

  • They all seem very thorough, hope mine is too

  • Thank you x

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