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Ablation follow up appointment !!!

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Today was my post ablation follow up appointment. ( Feb 28th) Obviously still in NSR as I definitely know when I’m in af. Now we’re going to have a go without the Dronedarone fingers crossed 🤞.

I questioned all the other drugs that I’m on as sometimes I feel like no one takes the time to re-evaluate medication( since Heart attack at 48 in 2015 , I do worry about long term effect) bonus I’m now off the spirolactone, lansaprosal, and can come off the statin for one month to see if it is that that is affecting my memory so badly.

Next appointment February 2019 ( 1 year post ablation) with instructions to phone arrhythmia nurse specialist if the af returns .

Feeling so much better , long may it continue.

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Good news Rooney, long may it continue. Do you have to come of the Dronedarone gradually? All the best......

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Roony39 in reply to FlapJack

Straight off it flap Jack , but consultant did say there is a chance I could go back out of rhythm but there’s a chance of that anyway , I was on it last time and hr still went all over the place.

Hello Rooney... fingers crossed you continue onwards and upwards! Coming off those pesky meds is great news! I hope it all goes well...


That is really good to hear . Would be particularly interested to hear how you get on with omitting statins and any memory improvement. Could you keep us informed please !


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Roony39 in reply to

Will do Sandra , he wasn’t so happy stopping statin because of HR, which is why I only have one month to prove my point, but I will be put on another one.

I am still taking Flecainide however in the past 12 months I have stopped Bisoprolol, lanzoprozol and statins.

Heart Best a bit faster but otherwise can’t tell the difference.

Regarding Lanzoprozol I understand that as it is a proton pump inhibitor, whilst helpful for reflux it does inhibit the absorption of Magnesium.


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Roony39 in reply to pottypete1

Well Pete, interestingly enough neither myself or this consultant ( first time seeing him) can understand why I was put on it in October 2015. He said it’s for your indigestion, I replied , never suffered “ever”, ah must be because you were on aspirin, I replied , put on apixiban straight away, never on aspirin , he replied oh right, you can stop taking it then. Like I said in my original post we get put on drugs , don’t question because we’re in a terrible place at the time and no one re evaluates unless challenged.some we no longer need because our health has improved or we’ve made changes,.

How’re you getting on with no statins , has you cholesterol gone up at all??

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pottypete1 in reply to Roony39

I came off statins about Christmas and had a blood test about March and there was no mention of my cholesterol level. Apparently I was only borderline in the first place.


Pleased to hear your good news Rooney. Good on you for questioning your drugs and then being able to stop taking some. Would you still be on them if you hadn't asked? I hope you are soon fighting fit. Please let us know how you get on.


It does make me wonder Jean, which proves it’s very important to do a bit of homework and take an interest in your own health . I don’t blame the consultants/ arrhythmia nurses, they are on a constant time watch especially if they are behind,and could not possibly read all of our notes, so I do think it is up to the individual to question if you have valid reasoning or want to know why you were put on a specific drug. Especially three years ago ,and circumstances have changed greatly from my hospital stay. Looking forward to breakfast in Exeter in September, see you there !

It's elderly people I feel sorry for, they trust their doctor and would carry on taking any medication prescribed and not dream that it was that which was making them feel even worse.

Yep, looking forward to Exeter too, the breakfast and meeting everyone.


Brilliant news! Hope the drug review goes well too.Keep well xx

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All sounds very positive. Well done.

That's great news. I had my ablation in early February and I'm still waiting for my follow-up. I'm now off Flecainide but still on Apixiban.

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Roony39 in reply to Flatlander

You still good Flatlander ?? Fingers crossed 🤞. Good luck with your appointment when it comes through. He wasn’t shifting on apixiban as I can still go back into af, as before. Good luck x

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Flatlander in reply to Roony39

Yes, I've been really good since the procedure, even managed a 180 mile bike ride at the weekend!

I just want to be off as much medication as possible and I also need to sort out life insurance which I'd rather not do until after the follow-up.

Just wondering how u are now ? Still good !

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Roony39 in reply to Turquoise19

Hi Turquoise 19 , thank you for asking ,I’m still doing great . It’s now been 17 months , I have had a couple of very short fast bursts as I lay down to go to sleep, I try to ignore and not dwell , and get on an enjoy each day as it comes , I’m under no illusion that it can and probably will rear it’s ugly head again at some point in my life , I’m hoping not until I’m at least 70 ( fingers crossed) I’m the mean time I am getting on with running my b & b in Weymouth and am going backpacking round Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for 5 weeks in November whilst I can , although my insurance is about 5 times the price of my partners . I do check in on here occasionally and have been to Bob an Jeans breakfast meet in Exeter . I comment more in the winter as I’ve more time then .

Kind regards



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Turquoise19 in reply to Roony39

Thx Sharon,

Know what u mean on insurance, had to top mine up this year, normally free with the bank.

Be good to keep hearing each others progress I guess, why we're here

Of course, these people ( each and every one of them ) are a fantastic source of information all slightly different with the same annoying condition, which means I’m all too aware that the af can come back even after all the various drugs, cardio versions, ablations etc ..........Good luck Turquoise


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