Afib 4 days after ablation

I had the Ablation for AF last Thursday and early Tuesday morning I was admitted to hospital with AF. Plus I had high cardiac enzymes. Turned out the enzymes were high because of the inflammation from ablation and the doctor said that breakthrough AF and PAC's were a common during the first three months and should disappear. I am so worried about this until I can hardly function after coming home today. I had two very uncomfortable episodes right before coming home and fortunately while the doctor was there. Has anyone had this experience within days of having ablation.

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  • I had several episodes almost a week after my ablation. My EP put me on 300 mg flecanaide to stop the AFIB episodes I was having. He said the episodes were due to inflammation due to ablation. Very Normal.

    My episodes started getting shorter and less frequent. I am now off all meds and 3.5 months post ablation. My quality of life is better and hopefully AFIB free.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you perkman. I am so glad you are free of the awful AF. I am so looking forward to that day for myself. It has been so long now and feel like I am missing my life. So glad that I came here, it's really been a lifesaver for me.

  • I was all over the place for several weeks, not just AF but ectopic beats and racing. It will calm down but give it time. If you fell over and hit your knee, would you expect the bruising and swelling to dissapear in 5 days? It is the same with the ablation, if you like they have damaged an area and it needs time to heal. It was discribed to me, that it is the scar tissue that stops the electrical signals, which cause AF, so this needs time to form, and that happens over the next 3 months.

  • Yes you are so right. My doctor was just telling me this. I wonder why he didn't tell me before ablation so I wouldn't have panicked so bad? That would have been nice.

  • Hi. I had a flutter ablation the end of August (actually had episodes of both flutter and AF but consultant decided to just ablate the flutter and manage the AF as I’ve had that for 7 years on and off and managed it successfully with Flecainide as a pill in the pocket. The flutter was however unmanageable and induced the AF when it decided to come out and play) For the first 10 days after it I just had a few ectopics but they never developed into anything then at 10 days post procedure wham it was back. Both flutter and AF and I was getting episodes alternative evenings, usually after eating. When this was still happening after a week I phoned the arrhythmia nurse hotline. She asked the consultant and he said to up my betablockers to what I had pre ablation (which I already had) and start on Flecanide twice a day. As it took 2 days for them to get back to me I actually hadn’t had an episode since the day before I rung (and coincidently after having a steroid injection into my hip bursitis of which some gets into your system) I didn’t start the Flecanide. I have been episode free since then (now a month since last episode and two months post ablation) I was very sceptical about this 3 month wait to let things settle down but I now believe it is definitely inflammation related and as your heart settles down so will everything else. Good luck

  • Thank you for your reply Lynnels. That was so interesting about the injection. Do you suppose we all need to be very careful about underlying inflammation in other areas of our body? Seems reasonable. I am so glad you are better

  • Yes I do to be honest although my new cardiologist has not really taken it on board.... or if he has he’s not let me know. My AF started when I started with Rheumatoid Disease. I had been fit and well up until then. My previous cardiologist, who has now retired, said to me ‘whilst you’re on Prednisolone you will not get AF’ and he was spot on. Whilst on prednisone (4 years) I only had, at most, an episode a year and when I think of it I realise that was as I was on very low doses trying to wean off them. It did not come back more frequently until I had been off the prednisolone for 3 months and then bit by bit episodes increased and then somewhere along the line Flutter joined in. My rheumatologist thinks my Rheumatoid is controlled by the IV infusion I have monthly however there is always a bit of my that is inflamed so I do wonder.

    The other interesting thing is that after reading a paper/article on how low magnesium can cause AF and realising I actually had 8 of the 12 things low magnesium can cause (and it doesn’t show in blood tests) I upped my beans, peas, lentils, spinach and bananas, and I haven’t had an attack since. I now take a magnesium supplement. Might be worth a go.

  • This is very common as are lots of things they don't tell you about such as migraine aura. The heart takes about three months (sometimes up to six) to recover and the scar tissue which blocks the AF to form so this will happen from time to time. Try not to worry as this will not help. Relax! Do the deep breathing thing and carry on. It will get better in its own time. Far too early to even think about the future.

  • Thanks BobD. It's only been one week for me but I have only had one good day so far. I was not warned about this.

  • The very next morning after my last ablation and while still in hospital I went into AF and felt absolutely dreadful. The result was I wasn't sent home from hospital until my heart calmed down the next day. At home I still kept getting bouts of AF, but found that I could stop them by tensing my body and heart area and bearing down. It worked like magic, but didn't after about a month or so.


  • Your bouts of afib-did they just last seconds ? I feel a quiver when I lay down or rest, but it goes away with deep breathing. Heart rate stays regular and no thumping or anything going on like before my ablation. Doctor says ignore the quiver if it goes away. Easy for him to say!!

  • IKR! My doctor has asked numerous times,"What does it feel like". They really don't know but so glad that he asks all his patients. Finally I told him, "let me just put it this way. It feels like a runaway terrified horse Galloping at full speed over a wooden bridge with a broken leg" He laughed and said, "That's good!" And yes the first bout just hours after ablation lasted less than 30 minutes. But the second time a few days later it lasted for more than a day. I finally wentto ER and was admitted. i just got back home yesterday afternoon.. I am having problems this morning too. Not afib but PACs or something.

  • Sorry what are PAC

  • Premature atrial contractions

  • I actually got what U thought was AF while stll in hospital 12 hrs after ablation but it was PAS's. So are saying you still got bouts of AF one month after ablation? I'm so sorry! Do you still get it?

  • Mine took 5 months to calm down. That was 4 years ago and AF free since then. Be patient, optimistic and good luck 🍀

  • Thank you so much! I was beginning to think there was no such thing as successful ablation.

  • Nine years and counting for me but it took three goes. Positive thought is all important.

  • Hi Everyone Had my 3rd ablation on Friday for Atrial flutter and tachy seem to have resolved the Af feel ok but had big family dinner today and only drank low alcohol wine ,but suddenly my heart started racing and needed to have a lie down think it was the excitement and bit of stress ,did a bit too much still pulse about 90 .Reading your replies puts my mind at rest as very early days Please let this be the last one Love reading the posts x

  • It has been 16 months since my ablation and I have had no “episodes” of afib for 12 months. I do feel (mostly at rest a little “quivering”. Feels like my cell phone is vibrating. I take a deep breath and it goes away in just seconds. Good luck to u and hope the best for u.

  • Try Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium chloride (salt substitute No-Salt, in U.S.)

  • Hi,

    As a former AF sufferer, thing helped me until I was treated for sleep apnoea. I also moved from the U.K. to the US where medics treat AF and apnoea as part of the same syndrome. If you ha e not been tested for apnoea, then please get tested. Since using a CPAP I have never had one episode of AF again. Worth checking out. The NHS doesn’t like to link AF and apnoea because then they have to do something and that costs money. Good luck!

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