Should I do a third ablation?

Hi everyone, I have had two ablations, i am on 150 mg of flecinate but would love to get off medicine or reduce it by a lot. How do I and the ep know that another ablation will help, how do I Know that the risk is greater than the cure and What are the criteria to justify having another ablation? Both my ablations where after a supra ventricular tachicardia so it was easy to see I needed an ablation. i am 57 years old and to hear all your advice, you guys are the best! Thanks, to blessed

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  • I had three before my AF was sorted but you best advice should come from your EP who has all the facts before them. If they are prepared to try again then why not you?

  • Hello, I have also had 3 ablations to sort out my AF. Following my 3rd I had to be cardioverted about 2 months after the procedure for a fast HR but now feel better than I have for the last 3 years. I have now stopped my flecanide ( I was on 100mg twice a day) and just on verapamil and warfarin. Hoping I can get off the verapamil soon. If you ep thinks it is worth doing then go for it😃

  • yes, the EP is the one who knows what he/she has done before and whether a third is feasible. You should be guided by he/she.

  • There are never any certainties but what is the alternative? Agree that your EP is the best person to offer you advice as to whether or not it will be effective.

  • I'm off for ablation number 3 this coming Thursday on the advice of my EP. Still as anxious as ever but I know I don't have a choice.

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