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I got the job - and have date for ablation!


Hi there, posted last week as had AF episode just before important job interview. Well I got the job, have given one months notice and start on 19th October. Very very happy. I was made redundant from a job I love in a College and had done for 20 years last August. My new job is a similar role at the same college.

Yesterday the nurse manager from Guys/St Thomas phoned me, said they had lost the pre-procedure assessment I had completed and that I had sent to them in July and could we do it on the phone!! 1 hour later (at work) had completed it and I explained that I really need the procedure done urgently, my AF episodes are now every other day, last week had 4 in 24 hour period, plus getting lots of runs of ectopics in between!!

Anyway she put me on to Admission team and they offered me the earliest date which was yes - 12th October!! I explained about my new job. said that starting a new job one week after procedure is cutting it too fine, she said you only need one week recovery - mmm?! from what I have read on this site, it can often take longer. I really don't want to start new job and then go off sick immediately! So I made decision to have a date later allowing for me to settle into job and went for 24th November. Hope I have made the right decision.

All I have to do now is 'hang on in here' with the increased AF episodes, hope they don't get worse. I'm going to speak to GP ask if she can increase my Propafanone dose from 150mg 3 times a day, which I understand is the low dose. Or go back onto Flecainide at higher dose short term might work.

What do you all think?

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I was on much higher does of Propafanone up to 3x 300 per day but do be guided by your doctor.


Such good news about the job. Perhaps the drama just sharpened you nicely. Or perhaps you were just the best candidate anyway.

I regret taking a high dose of flecainide and wish I had stuck to 100mgs x 2 a day and zapped any AF with extra flecainide. I feel the less of it you take, the better. I took 300mgs a day for 8 months. But it may be preferable to be prevented from going into AF because of a high dose. Something for you to discuss maybe.

Well done on both accounts.x

Congratulations x on both accounts

Really pleased to hear the result of your interview, congratulations, especially considering the circumstances.

Very impressed that you got a date for your ablation so soon but I'm sure you made the right decision to delay it in spite of having episodes of AF so often. After each of the three I've had, I needed quite a while to get back to feeling okay, and I'm retired, so starting a new job just after having one might be pushing it.

Sounds like you have a good GP you can discuss all this with, and with her help and also more information from Guys I'm sure there'll be a solution about your medication.

I wish you all the best with the new job and hope you enjoy it as much as the one you're leaving.

Congratulations & good luck with both job & ablation

Good luck on both counts. The fact that you had completed the assessment in July probably means you were nearing the top of the list and that was a jolt to get it booked.

Well done! Things are going well!

Congratulations on the job! I'm sure doing something you want to do will help make everything else easier to cope with. Heather

So pleased to hear your got job! If you are within flecainide limit, it can be useful to cope while you wait for ablation in November. Ask health provider.

Thank you 😊 everyone for your support. Had bad episode Saturday night, heart going crazy, a mix of every kind of wrong beat you can imagine, really aggressive 😒 with ectopics on and off during evening leading up to it then the crazy 2 hour AF episode. I read somewhere that runs of Ectopics are heart trying going intoAF but not making it. Anyway seeing GP tomorrow but she is reluctant to change meds without Consultant opinion so might take some time. Oh yes and forget to add, much to my relief, the nurse at guys told me that they do the TOE procedure whilst I'm under general anesethic 😊.

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