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Third Ablation and Hopeful!

I haven't posted for a while but I thought this might be of interest to some. I've just had my third ablation and I'm beginning to think this one might be useful. The surgeon did the usual of having a look to see where reconnections had happened which needed to be sorted out but wasn't convinced that this would be causing the problems I had been having. So he had a look in the other side of the heart and, in his words, when he stimulated this side 'everything went fizz'. So I think he has maybe found the problem. So lots of work to do. I'm coming up to 3 weeks post ablation, not long I know, still feeling Sooooo tired but so far so good. I just thought it might be interesting for some to maybe ask the question, whether there might be a problem in the other side of the heart. Sorry but I don't really know the technical terms.

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Let's hope, sounds good 🤞


Sounds like a result Diana. Take it easy. Early days yet.


They are very thorough.

They map various areas of the atrium and in my case did a number of other lines as well as isolating the pulmonary vein.

Sounds like you were in good hands (and wired).

Our thoughts are with you for continued progress.



During my last ablation they did the other side of the heart and so far SR has lasted nearly 2 1/2 years.

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Many thanks for all the encouraging and helpful responses to my post.


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