Trying to get a check up

I had a rant well over a month ago, as trying to get echo cardi done, coz feeling like i have just been left to it really.........not sure if my AF is getting appts or checks (except INR's) for over a year. I started to try and get this done back in November! GP finally agreed to a blood test...then an ECG! But was told it would depend on the "trust's policy" as to whether they will agree to an Echo or not......

Blood test done.......... ECG done! Appt with GP to discuss, on Thursday ...can you believe how long I have been waiting???

I had a look at the ECG....looks like my heart does a couple of good ones than 3 half - hearted (no pun intended!) ones.....will see what GP makes of it.......don't have much confidence in him being able to understand it to be honest!

Watch this space...i will report back

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  • Hi Lin - I don't blame you for ranting... A fair sprinkling of GPs seem to do as little as possible when it comes to AF and hide behind 'Trust policy'. It's not helpful! I hope the Thursday meeting goes well.


  • Now I totally understand.

    FirstvAF last July second in January.

    But my Dr keeps asking have you had an echo yet?

    But still nothing done!!

    Have an AF nurse who I've seen once,talked for two mins.

    No Consultant.

    Basically get on with it.

    Thankfully feel OK.

    What would we do without this site for advice and support?

  • It often seems the NHS doesn't really want to know about AF.  The only way to kickstart stuff is to pay to see a consultant privately and get him to state the treatment required in a letter to your GP who then has no option but to implement it.

    That said my GP has been great dealing with my heart, but judging from this site I think I've been one of the lucky ones.

  • You can always change Dr's if you are getting no where, do you have a few Dr's at your practise you could try another Dr, some times it works a new Dr taking an interest, hope you get some where.

    Take care.


  • Insist on seeing a consultant. 

  • A consultant EP actually. 

  • Sounds all to o common I think! I have had to email my last consultants secretary and explained my worsening symptoms to her and that I feel that I have slipped through the net a bit as pacemaker done now your sorted! NOT!

    However thy are arranging for me to be seen in one of his clinics in the next few weeks??? cannot even  get to see my Gp till mid April, what the heck is going on??


  • My experience is it is up to you to report worsening symptoms and hope your GP takes notice, otherwise you need to be bad enough for emergency admission to hospital.

    I suspect (getting cynical in my old age) that most GPs lump AF in with IBS and the common cold 😬

  • I would urge everyone to quote the latest NICE guidance on AF and if any health organisation is not complying please, please report this to your local CCG! This ties in with the Stroke Reduction targets and overall patient safety issues. It is not up to the Trust rules - however if the CCG aren't commissioning the service they jolly well should be.  NHS England might also be interested to hear how patients' needs are not being met.

  • Thank you everybody.......and KentAF, that IS VERY useful. Do i just look under NICE guidelines for AF? I need some info that will add a bit of clout I think......esp if I can quote "stroke reduction" etc....I have got till 09.50 on Thursday to prepare!!!!

  • Look under BOTH NICE and NHS England. 

  • Below is the link:

    Ask them how they meet this guidance and if possible take someone along to the meeting to take notes. 

    Let us know how you get on - good luck

  • One has to wonder whether 'Trust Policy' really means funds. As you know I got my referral when my own GP was on holiday - perhaps the doctor who did refer me didn't have the practice's budget to worry about.

    Once you are off the consultant's books as it were the feeling that nobody is really 'on your case' sadly seems to be all to familiar.

    Very best wishes.

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