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Slow heartbeat does anyone get buzzing?

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A few days ago I noticed that my heart was skipping occasionally. My Dr sent me to A&E where they told me that my heartbeat was quite slow (I think it has been for years, maybe for always - I just never noticed). He told me not to worry, and they are going to arrange a 24-hour ECG through my GP

BUT what's bothering me is that I have a buzzing sensation more or less all over, pretty much all the time. NOTE this is just me, the ECG hasn't begun yet! This started a few months ago with an occasional buzzing sensation in bed in the morning, going away, and now is there all the time - has been like that for a couple of weeks, I thought it was blood pressure which is why I consulted the Dr, but my blood pressure is fine.

I see other people out on Google get buzzings of various kinds, but they mostly seem to be night time only, or temporary, or controllable, or rumbling. I haven't found anyone yet with constant low-level buzzing (a bit like a powerline overhead, but without the hum) and possible slow heart issues. Does anyone here have a similar sensation?

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is it a sound or a feeling?

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FicusElastica in reply to rosyG

Feeling. "Like a powerline only without the hum".

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sann in reply to FicusElastica

Yes I too have that feeling sometimes, I know just what you mean. Don’t get it all the time only now and again. I haven’t bothered to delve into it , so I would be interested to know Sann

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Not something I have ever heard of with AF.

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FicusElastica in reply to BobD

I read one post somewhere ... that it could be caused by different parts of the heart getting out of step with each other ... one post only, quite old, not as you say a general topic of discussion ... most discussions of vibrations are to do with anxiety or nerve/nervous damage and seem to be a bit different.

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FicusElastica in reply to BobD

Thank you that is interesting to know in itself.

Maybe to do with the nervous system and not connected with the slow heart rate?? unless the slow heart rate is affecting general circulation? Ask to be tested for levels of Vit B 12 just to check - I have pernicious anaemia and people with very low levels experience nerve related things- ft it is that you only need Vit B12 injections so nothing to worry about but it can't be left untreated

Thank you I will make a note of that. I didn't mention (the post was quite long) that my heart rate skips a beat now and then, and I think this is what they are looking at. It may have been doing this for ages, but ti's never showed up on our home heart rate monitor before (my husband has AF and uses it to check now and then. I was checking for blood pressure, and that is fine.

It's very disconcerting, I feel as if the back of my neck is wired up to a plug or something ! :(

The buzzing could be mild tinnitus, I have that and a low pulse around 54, lower at night. You might want to take a Naturopath's advice on Mg, CoQ10 and Taurine supplements.

Thank you. It's not tinnitus, but I think magnesium may be my next line of enquiry.

After my second ablation in September I awoke from the surgery and I felt like my whole body was buzzing ,hard to explain but just under the skin. I did have a cardioversion before the Dr. started surgery and wondered if the shock the use could have something to do with it. No one could explain it and they didn't seem concerned. It lasted for a few days and I noticed it more when I was resting.

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FicusElastica in reply to Kather

That bit "just under the skin" is exactly it. And it does come and go, but for several days it was there all the time, along with episodes of my heart "thudding" (ie not running fast, but just more thuddy than is normal.) Today everything seems to have quietened down a lot for the first time in some days. However after all that I'm left with the knowledge that now and then my little heart stops and thinks for a millisecond before it beats again ... (the docs know this).

I have a low pulse, about 53-54, and I get the occasional 'buzz' but very short, and infrequent. Have no idea what it is...

I get this and have done so since long before I was diagnosed with AF. It’s as if I can feel the blood flowing throughout the body. I ignore it now. It is worse during an AF attack when it feels like my pulses are out of synch!

Yes I get it a lot and can also hear 👂🏼 a pulse in my ears, I hear my heart beat with a woosh sound . Then feel tingly in my head. I put it down to tinnitus from medications . And I have noticed it more when my pulse goes into the 40s . Not a nice feeling at all 😏

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