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Can I go back to work as normal?


I was diagnosed with afib 2 weeks ago, I stayed in Hospital for 24 hours. The Doctor prescribed me a beta blocker called bisoprolol 2.5mg OD. My blood test is normal. Im waiting for some Test like echo angiogram and 24 hours ECG monitor. Which I’m quite paranoid as I'm waiting . Can I go back to work as normal?

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I would be asking the cardiologist or GP that question as they are the ones treating you?. It sounds like they want to investigate further 24hr ECG monitor/cardiac scan..

Yahoo77 in reply to Brandibell

Thank you. Happy New Year

Do you mean that you are taking 2.5mg of Bisoprolol, not 25mg - have not heard of anyone taking as much as 25mg.

It will probably be an echo-cardiogram that you are waiting to have, this will show if your heart is structurally sound. Most of us are told that ours are. Sometimes we're told that a heart valve is slightly leaky, my mitral valve was, but as we age this is quite common and of no concern.

The 24hr monitor is also normal to be offered as it will show how your heart is beating over that period of time.

There is no concern whatsoever in what you are waiting for. How I wish someone had told me that when I was waiting for mine. I panicked and paid privately to have my echo-cardiogram, I feel quite foolish for doing that now. Let me re-assure you that you are not going to die and life will continue as usual, although it is frightening when we are first diagnosed, there is no need for that. AF is common as we grow older and can be controlled to a certain extent.

How are you feeling now and are you in persistent AF? If you are this may make you feel tired and achy. Do you have a physical job or a sit down one?

Please feel free to ask any questions and bear in mind that we always say that there is no such thing as a daft one. We totally understand how you are feeling right and are here to help in any way we can.


Thank you for re assuring advice. Hope everything is gonna be fine. Im scared to have another one episode. Bisoprolol 2.5mg I mean . Take care

wilsond in reply to Yahoo77

I was just about to query that amount of bisoprolol! You have found the best place for support and advice here. The patient leaflet on here is very good xxxx

Yahoo77 in reply to wilsond

Thank you

Jean jenies right......they are the pretty normal tests........and same as her and you I was dead worried.....I now know it’s pretty normal and a better picture.

Try not to worry.....afib is very does go on, just need to get the results......maybe tablets etc.......ask lots of questions...the folk on this site are lovely....they helped me get life and afib into perspective big time.


Yahoo77 in reply to Morzine

Thank you.

I went back to work after 11 days on a ward trying to get my HR down below 140 bpm.

I also went back the next day following several cardioversions.

It could be months before you get those tests done, I'm sure that if there was any major concern you would have had them whilst you were an inmate.

Yahoo77 in reply to Mikee69

Thank you.

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