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should I have check ups while on flecainide

I had af for years without knowing what it was. Each time I went to my GP I was made to feel a nuisance as by the time I managed to get an appointment the af had stopped. One day after having af all night and morning I just went to the GP without an appointment and asked for an ecg as my heart was missing beats and racing to catch up.The ecg showed a problem but was told to go home and rest. Next day I did not feel well and was dropping things and felt muddled, my family said I was acting strangely and my daughter took me to hospital where I was told I had had a stroke.

Since then I have been on flecainide and also take warfarin. I have my INR done regularly but I am never reviewed about the flecainide , very rarely have my blood pressure done and never have an ecg done to check that the flecainide is not causing any problems.

Should I be brave and ask my GP for regular checkups?

Also since the stroke I have been paying a fortune for travel insurance about £300 to £400 yearly does any one know where I can get it any cheaper after all my symptons are controlled by medicine.

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Hi, I am taking flecainide and rivaoxaban, one of the new anticoagulants plus atenolol. My GP is very good and sends me for 6 monthly ecg's and blood tests. I also have a full meds review every three months. I would like to see my EP from time to time but only get to see him when things go pearshaped.

We have a team of Arrhythmia's nurses at my hospital and can call them anytime I feel the need and they will give advice, arrange to see me or refer me to my EP if necessary.

Regarding travel insurance I find it extremely expensive wherever I look, hope you can find a reasonable one.

Be well and ask for reviews from your doctor.


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Look at the CAREAF website and order the info pack. Show it to your GP and demand to be treated within the guidelines in it.



Sounds like my GP Surgery. But they have treated the heart side of me well, it is my lungs they seem to have a problem coming to terms with. As for the way you have been treated I would say you have been poorly treated especially after a stroke! Did they give a possible reason for the stroke?

Be Well


Thank you all for you comments I will look at the CAREAF site. My stroke was caused by a blood clot as although I had said for years I did not feel well. I was not diagnosed with AF until after my stroke and was not a happy bunny as I felt my GP should have listened to me. Very frustrating!!

Stay well


I printed off the info re Flecainide from AFA site and reviews and saw a GP who said it would be scanned into my notes and got me an ECG the next day ( first in years apart from on hosp. admission 18 months ago). It was not my own GP who might not have been so accommodating. Feel I'll have to ask again in 6 months time though.


I can't seem to find anything about GP check ups in guidelines to show my GP - he just does BP and pulse. If anyone can direct me I would be most grateful. I would like to have an ECG at least once a year and maybe a heart scan, but he always says it's not necessary.




Re getting regular check ups. I was very alarmed last Feb when I detected a huge number of ectopics. It sent me straight to my gp, who got an appt at the hospital. I was thoroughly checked over, and offered a 6 month follow up (tho my cardiologist said I needn't keep it as she was quite happy.) I just said, with a nice smile, I'll have everything you offer. So that was that. Perhaps some gps need a bit of table banging and some dramatics about how awful you feel.

Be well,



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