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Just had my first pacemaker check up and the tech said it was working well.It was a little scary when he increased the heart rate as part of the check but not as bad as I had thought it would be. I also found out that it has a night setting and that is set to 50bpm. Otherwise it is 60bpm. He could not advise me on the medication currently 2.5mg Bisoprolol for the PAF so my GP is my next port of call.My wound still has a stitch yet to dissolve (nearly four weeks since implant) so i have to keep an eye on that. I may have to go back to the clinic to get that dealt with.(Hope not) I have not had any episodes of af recorded on the pacemaker, praise be! As usual with me I have forgotten to ask many questions so have jotted them down for my GP.I had read you can ask for a copy of the report but that went down like a lead balloon and was told they dont hand over medical records to anyone.(is that true?) Anyway I will ask my GP on Friday. Hope this can help anyone in a similar position to myself.

Best wishes. ...

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  • Good Morning Arbroathsmokie from a very wet Cornwall, I am due to have a pacemaker fitted on the 30th April so I was really interested in your comments. Do you know which PM you had fitted? Mine will be a DDDR dual mode PM and I cannot wait for it to be fitted as I am really fed up with feeling like I do. Does it feel strange having something implanted in your chest? By the way, you are entitled to see your medical records, reports, etc., my GP always gives me copies of mine.

    Best wishes and stay well.


  • Hello Ang, Many thanks for your reply. I had a Medtronic DDDR PM fitted four weeks ago and to be honest I got myself so worked up about it. I posted on this site and had so many reassuring comments it was very uplifting. I also thought about how strange it would be to have something implanted but can honestly say four weeks in that i do forget about it being there. My swelling is down but my arm needs a bit more movement so I am seeing a Physio on Monday for another ailment so will ask her for some guidance The stitch I mentioned should have dissolved so I will keep an eye on that. A tip for the ladies is a piece of guaze or cotton wool pad for between your bra strap and your wound once your wound is uncovered as it can rub a bit. You can also buy special protective pieces to attach to your straps on line. As well as the Pacemaker I.D. Card that you carry with you at all times you can buy medical bracelets etc.

    Best Wishes.

  • Ang3lc4ts

    Good Luck on the 30th April hope all goes well.

  • Thank you, I am like Offcut, I find the whole thing very interesting indeed and hope that I will be able to see what the Surgeon is doing. I am in awe of all the latest medical technology and watch all the real operations and A & E programmes, I wonder if that makes me strange!

    Hope you are getting along ok. Look after yourself.

    Angel blessings.


  • They may not like you seeing your medical report, but you do have the right to it. I also ask for copies of all written communication between consultant and GP. Your GP is obliged to send you copies of everything he receives and at our surgery you just tick a box if you want this.

  • Thank you CDreamer, I will request them on my next visit to my GP.

    Best wishes.

  • I am seeing my cardiologist next month to talk over when they are going to do a Pace and Ablate. They wanted some answers on my poor breathing first. My GP is not forthcoming on handing any paperwork over but I get my lung and heart consultants to CC. me in with all mail to my doctor. As that seems the only way I can get it. But you do have the right to see your own notes. Getting them is another matter with my GP!

    Do they go in at the groin as well as the chest to install it? I have so much scarring in my groin now it took them 4.5 hours to stop my femoral leaking after my last Ablation

  • Hello Offcut

    My PM is fitted on the left hand side just under the collar bone. When I was in hospital a lady had hers put on the right hand side was not sure why. I to thought that I would get my notes at my check up but I will see my GP on Fri. I would also like the cardiologists report reference my planned medication.

    Best Wishes to you and Good Luck next month.

  • Thank you for your best wishes. Did they go into the groin as well?

  • Hello Offcut. No they did not go into my groin for fitting the pacemaker. Think that is the ablation side of things and I have not had an ablation. Best Wishes.

  • That's good I have less chance of staying over then I have a habit of leaking ;)

  • Hello Arbrothsmokie, I have had my pacemaker nearly five years and was like you scared about it,I didn't like the idea of beig awake while it was being done,but it was really ok the weirdest thing i thought was the sound of the instruments as he was doing it by that's me. I go every year to have it checked mine is a two lead one and the make is called St Jude. I still get AF but is a lot better than it was. Hope you keep well regards Sann

  • I have had 3 ablations and a cardiogram all while awake (my second was 7.5 hours). Maybe I am a bit strange but I have found it all fascinating. I did get a little concerned when they flat lined me! But it was back in a flash which reassured me ;)

  • Offcut

    You are not strange but very brave compared to me.Thank you for your reply.

  • Hello Sann

    Yes I agree it was the scariest thing being awake and the only thing between your face and the surgeon working away was a thin medical sheet. I must admit though the team I had were brilliant with me no complaints about them everything was explained as they went through the procedure. Thank you for your reply and stay well.

  • Useful, thank you. I have my post pacemaker check up next week. What were the questions you wrote down?

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