Me again

Haven't been on for a while, things have been going pretty well, other than the ectopics I've been good, purposely stayed off here and other sites as I've found the internet makes my health anxiety go through the roof, only change I've had is a diagnosis of mild sleep appear, which I'm waiting for a cpap machine to treat this, however I did read that people with apnea aren't good candidates for ablation for some reason they aren't very successful, however another article said that successful treatment of apnea can lower the at episodes by 44%,

Yesterday morning I went to bed after s long 12 hour night shift and I'd been awake for 22 hours so was bushed, I felt OK until I got into bed then the flutters started, I sometimes get this for few seconds and it passes, however this persisted and my pulse was a little erotic so I came to the conclusion this was an at episode, my first one since my diagnosis in April last year, 

Other than the flutters in chest I felt fine and tried to nod off at around 6:45am....I woke at 8:30am still fluttery so came downstairs to take my bisoprolol PIP...I ran back upstairs and my wife, who's a nurse felt my pulse and said its fine, when I then checked it had gone back into a normal rhythm before I had taken the pill

This second episode has left me feeling gutted and starting to once again think about when the next ones coming...

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  • Please excuse the mistakes my phone has auto corrected some pulse was far from erotic😂😂😂

  • I was just thinking that was the best phone spellcheck change I've ever seen :D

  • At some point, you may decide that a PIP is not good enough, and that you prefer not to have to continuously worry about whether you might have another episode. It came to that point for me even though I was only having 2-3 episodes per year. I take 50 mg flecenaide twice a day and no episodes in 3 years - I can drink coffee, wine, mixed drinks, and play sport - no problem. I am far more careful about what I eat, and I do take magnesium and fish oil supplements - but I'm confident about my daily life. I know it's hard but try not to let AF get you down - it's a manageable condition. 

  • Very good advice. I think it becomes over bearing sometimes. Tiredness seems to play a part too. Rest and being mindful about what you are doing helps and I have found drinking more water has really improved my episodes.

  • Thats wonderful.

    Something j need to manage.

    Good wishes

  • Hi Jugsy it sounds like you get very axious, AF can feel very uncomfortable but I suspect the anxiety and worry is actually the condition which needs addressing.  

    Lone AF is not life threatening but can be life changing, if you allow it so it is important to take control and not allow AF to control your life.

    May I suggest that you investigate some methods of working on your anxiety - worry thoughts can exacerbate the condition.  Many people find relaxation techniques helpful - plenty of previous posts with good suggestions - other people find therapy such as CBT works.  The real point is that you do something about the condition.  Worse case scenario - ask your doctor if they can help.

  • From you post I would say you dealt with it really well. Good for you and it seems you are getting other things sorted out as well (sleep apnea) maybe a little work on the anxiety and you will feel a lot more positive have a lovely Easter.

  • Hi ya I know how you feel I get them all the time and it has runied my life the doctors seem to be leaving me to see when I go toes up

  • Anxiety and stress cause many of the problems we think are purely physical in nature.  As CDreamer suggests, you would do well to stabilize your mind.  Once you do that you'll see through the anxiety and some of your symptoms will fade away.

    As for sleep apnea, unless you have some underlying anatomical issue, it's most likely caused by sleeping on your back.  Sleep on your side, or with your head tilted to the side, and it will stop.

  • I'm currently taking citalopram to help with my anxiety, I was doing do well until this 2ND episode of I'm back to worrying when af will kill me...

  • Hi, I have had AF FOR 14 years. I don't have many  episodes and initially I was very bothered by each one. Thanks to everyone on this forum I realise that it isn't going to kill me,consequently I have managed recent episodes in a much more positive way. I have a PIP which seems to work at present. Apart from Warfarin that's all I take and although I have a very uneasy relationship with the Warfarin I do feel a touch safer when I have AF. I too have anxiety issues which I know doesn't help but I have CBT which is helping.Do all you can to help relieve your anxiety as I am convinced that this does not help at all. Good luck and don't let it take over your life. Best wishes Kath

  • I am thinking CBT might be good, because I am sure that stress and anxiety are at the root of a lot of episodes. I would hope that if you can find a way not to worry it would help a lot - but that's easier said than done, which is why I think the relaxation/CBT route might be a good one to check out.

  • Thanks for the replies everyone, I've tried the cbt route and whilst it was helpful it didn't stop my anxiety, I suppose my anxiety is based around the fact I'm only 41 and have a heart condition, also some posted on here say how horrendous they're daily life is with af, it's the unknown that bothers me

  • Hi Jugsy, Please don't let fear of what might happen stop you enjoying the here and now. Life brings with it many things that throw us off course but we have to keep going and try not to let fear overwhelm us as it can be  so destructive, and remember that this forum is full of folks willing to support you.  My best wishes Kath

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