Weird script on my Alivecor reading

Anyone else had strange things written in the space on the Alivecor reading where you can add notes?  My last 2 readings have had the following

just didn't show London face entertainment and you know stitch several seconds this unwritten (this was first one)

Second one was this:and nbsp ml okay mn shouldn't nnj not for us and nbsp but what and tons of what this house doesn't off-again if you want to do that do the people you know it will be great nmap that we need to rethink nndb I really hope I can make parents restrain country Forrester the final house honestly rejon so I mean it's unlikely 

Really freaky. I certainly didn't write this. Wonder how this got there?

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  • You have the voice record function switched on.

  • Thx Peter. Maybe it's picking up my tv?! Will turn it off

  • Seriously!  To get a good clean reading you need a quiet room with no electrical interference anyway.

  • I didn't realise the voice option was turned on Bob. I meant I will turn the voice option off. The TVs was on in the other room so still don't understand how it picked this up?

  • I wonder if the voice recording option in the new version of Alivecor was motivated by complaints that many people who use ALivecor can't easily type out their symptoms. For me, it's a pointless option that I'd never use. 

  • Its all about opinions - could be really useful for someone not that good with keyboards to spell out exactly how they are feeling in the case of bad AF and you want to send to your EP / Dr.

  • Thomps95, I agree that it is a pointless and also an extremely annoying option.  I have turned it off.  But it led to a long discussion with my husband who has been involved in technology all his working life, who says in a short time (a couple of years?) there will be a device that will record heart rate constantly.  Now THAT would be really useful to someone like me, who may be having asymptomatic episodes of AFib.

  • You have voice recording and transcription turned "on" and it showed what it heard in the background while you recorded. You can turn off voice recording on the main page. This is a new feature allowing you to speak your symptoms

  • Thanks DrDave01

    Have turned this off now. Freaked me out when I saw it - thought my account had been hacked!

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