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Advice on a Alivecor reading

Hi and a Happy New Year to everyone. I have PAF and Father Christmas brought me a shiny new Alivecor for being a good boy losing over three stone. Now to the problem I have, I have tried to take readings and everytime it finishes the reading with "unable to classify reading" I have a slow resting heart rate of anything from 45 to 55 bpm. I don't take medication to slow my heart rate and even when in AF it normally rises to no more than 75 bpm. I wondered if the slow heart rate was the reason the machine can't classify the reading. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you and enjoy New Year's Day wherever you are and whatever you have planned. Cheers Roy

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That is probably because your HR is outside the normal parameters for the machine. Under 60bpm is classed as bradycardia and over 80 is tachycardia . What matters is if the rate is regular and looks stable.

You may also find that you need to dampen your fingers slightly to get a good contact. I used to have terrible problems since my fingers are quite hard and dry since I work with tools and metal.

Don't stress about it!



Thanks Bob my slow HR is a lifelong thing and went even slower when I was swimming and cycling in competition. Over recent years my HR has speeded nearer to 50 bpm. Thank you for your advice and all the best for 2016


I tested an ex lifeboat man last year with a HR of 33!


I get the same when my RHR is below 50bpm. I haven't looked into it too deeply but think that it is as Bob suggests and less than 50bpm is outside the Alivecor parameters.

To be honest you don't really need the Alivecor to give you an assessment as the trace is very easy to read in relation to AF. Check you pulse manually and when you know that you are in NSR do an Alivecor trace. Do the same when you know that you are in AF and then compare the two. I think that you will see some obvious differences.

I certainly agree with Bob, the Alivecor can be very useful but don't get too hung up on it.

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Thanks everyone as usual great advice wow bob 3rd is low my lowest when I was younger (much younger ) was about 41 resting. Thanks again everyone cheers and enjoy the rest of today. Roy


Of course I meant 33 not 3rd lol


Yes below 50 and it won't give you a reading.


Yes, if your heart rate is less than 50 bpm it will be called unclassified even if you are in Sinus Rhthm.


Thanks once again everyone. Cheers and all the best for 2016. Roy


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