As it's now £36, I thought I would take the plunge and buy one.

With the intention of upgrading my iPhone. But I have to say it works on my 3 series iPhone and my iPad air ( for this the only software is the Vets one). I can't waite to show of my readings to my new GP. Yes I have also finally taken the courage to change my GP surgery too. Thank you all for your help and advise on both of these subjects over the last couple of months. I really appreciated it.

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  • Well done on changing your surgery, I know how difficult it is to make that kind of decision... I didn't realise the AliveCor had come down to £36, I might investigate!


  • On Amazon and thank you. I was watching bbc breakfast news this morning talking about nhs in Wales earlier. I do hope it improves for you all soon xx

  • It's a big political furore at the moment. I kind of hope that's all it is! I guess I am also hoping that I don't have to test it out... Plan is to stay as well as possible :) xx

  • I have one and it seems to work with my Nexus though I showed the trace to my neighbour who is a paramedic and he said I shouldn't take any notice of it. Then he offered to come and do an ECG in his lunch hour! So suspect he wanted to check it out! I am sure it is pretty accurate as I get a lovely trace from my will be interesting to hear what your GP makes of it, please let us know.

  • Is it designed to work with the I phone and how do I get one? X

  • Via Amazon, it's supposed to be for iPhone series 4, so it was a billy bonus it working with my series 3 and iPad air

  • I emailed alive cor about the pricing because the iPhone 4 version is only £36 but all other versions are 5 times the price. They said that the iPhone 4 version is on special because if the new iPhone 6. The discounted version has a built in iphone 4 case. I presume all versions would work on all phones but the cases are different. I'm tempted to buy the cheaper one and try it with my galaxy phone. I don't care about a case.

  • Iphone series 3, which I purchased 7 yrs ago is a chunky version of the iPhone 4. The case is made of a rubber like material which has a little flexibility . Hope this helps you.

  • Would it work with an iPhone 5?

  • My daughter has one and I am just on my way round to babysit. I will try it and let you know.

  • Just back, the iPhone 5 is longer than the 4 and 3 series so does not sit in the case itself. Whether it will still work I am not sure. The software seems to be the same for all and as long as the unit is close to the microphone on my iPad air it still works ( it's the vet version for the iPad). Maybe somebody else can offer you there experiences too. Good luck

  • I use mine with my iphone 5. I don't have a case, I just make sure my arms are resting steady on the dining table and hold the unit on the back of my phone. I have set my readings to 60 seconds as it takes a bit to settle down into the rhythm but I do get good readings.

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