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Hello my friendly Afs, I have just recently (in. The last two days) have bought the above, have used it twice and it was ok(although don't know how to get a print out of it) but being as I am getting on a bit one step at a time. Now the problem today is I keep trying to get a reading and it's keeps saying that it is unreadable try again in a different area,but I have tried and still it doesn't work.anybody know what I may be doing wrong.When I do it and look at the screen the lines are shooting all over the place.i am doing it on my I phone 6S. Hope I can get this sorted out as I think it is a great little machine. Sann😢

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Hi Sann, I can't use mine on my hands. My skin resistance is too high and I just get a very noisy trace. I have always to do mine on my chest to get a good trace. You have to set up an account on the AliveCor website to be able to print out the traces, although you should have done that to be able to use it. Hope you get it sorted out.



Mine seldom gives a good trace with my hands so I gave up on it. Trying to lay still with it balanced on my chest made things worse! lol



Thanks Bob I will try the bed, but I might fall asleep in the meantime Sann


Have you dampened your fingers?

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Well no Koll I hadn't thought of that, will try,thanks a lot Sann


Or use hand alcohol sanitiser.


Try moving yourself to another area! You may be near something that is causing interference. Also rest your hands on a table because the slightest tremor will show. Hope that helps but if not try the Help section on the Alivecor website.


Thanks Buffafly will try that,have Alivecor got a phone Number do you know? Sann


They have an excellent help section within the app, answers most questions and very clear, concise instructions on how to get the best readings.


When you get a reading you can send it to your e mail and then print the e mail out

Keep your hands very still and don't be near electrical interference


And don't have your phone on charge. Also hold it tightly.


And I find it easier not connected to the phone. Just put the phone on the table and hold the Alivecor by itself near to the phone/iPad/whatever.


I've had mine for a few weeks now and can confirm what has already been suggested.

Make sure that you are well away from electrical products that could affect the device.

Slightly dampen your fingers when you take a reading.

Keep your arms relaxed.

Hold the device quite firmly but comfortably and don't move your fingers or alter your grip for the 30 seconds it takes to get the reading.

When you get a reading press "save" on the screen (top right) and follow the instructions to add your name or comments.

The device has a setting to get rid of interference and smooth out the reading.

Find one of the many websites that help you to interpret the reading.

I use:

You should have set up an Alivecor page when you set the device up. Your readings are stored on there when you "save" and you can print them out from there.

I hope this helps because I have found my device to be really helpful. I can take a reading when I am having problems and show it to the nurse at the clinic when I go. I tell her what I think the reading means and then she either confirms this or puts me right.



Hi George many thanks for the post you sent me, I will keep on my tablet as reference. I have had two readings and the were ok but now all I get is unreadable. thanks Sann


You can try using an electrode gel that hospitals use to get a better connection for ECG leads of the pressure variety and perhaps for other uses where a better electrical contact is desired. One brand is Spectra 360 by Parker. It is cheap to purchase and a pharmacy should have it or something equivalent.

I use it for the iHeartRhythm device that I use when I use the suction contacts. From what I read and from my experience using the iheartRhythm device, I would definitely choose it over Alivecor. If anyone decides to purchase one, use promo code "iheartca" to get a small discount.

Disclaimer: I do not have any vested interest in this device and I do not make any money by mentioning it.


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