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AliveCor Heart Monitor

I was given an AliveCor Heart Monitor, about a year ago I think, when they were being freely distributed to those who wanted one. Mine fitted an iPhone 4S which I no longer own. I confess I didn't find a lot of use for the thing anyway (the AliveCor I mean, not the phone).

So, if anyone out there has an iPhone 4S (or feels they could get hold of one cheaply enough) and would like one of these things then let me know. I think the fairest way of doing this is that I'll keep this free offer open until 5pm on Friday and then, if there is more than one applicant, draw lots for it. How's that?

My decision will be final (I don't get much chance to say that nowadays....)

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I don't think it matters that it doesn't fit the phone,it can be used on its own via Bluetooth.I have the same Alive Cor monitor and never had an iPhone.I use it independently with either my android phone or my iPad. Just download the app to either or both..It works perfectly.



Oh! In that case, sorry folks but I'm going to renege on this offer until I see whether I really have finished with this AliveCor. I thought the passing of the phone was the nail in its coffin.


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I use the Alivecor monitor meant for iPhone 4 with a Nexus 7 and since then treated myself to an iPhone 5s, works with both. I thought I had wasted my money at first but when I checked it on my husband his trace looked 'normal' - mine is weird.....


Yes I'm grateful to feejbee. My iPad mini picks it up beautifully and it doesn't even need bluetooth pairing. Magic at work!

However I may get bored again in a few weeks, so watch this space......


obviously married then lol


Yes and kids I can't manipulate any longer! It's not fair....


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