Just a quick question from a techno idiot.

I use a Blackberry Curve 9320 with a Vodaphone account. I really have no clue about these sort of things except that I can turn it on and speak to people as well as now and again text or read my emails.

Anyone know if it will work with this alivecor gizmo? I've been getting a few more bouts of AF or SVT lately,

so would love to turn up at next consultants meeting with a record of this.



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  • Ray - I use mine with an iPad but I grabbed this from Alivecor's site:

  • Thanks for that Finvola, I should have looked for their site before asking daft questions.


  • Hi Kernow

    No as I understand it, Alivecor only works with Apple (Iphone) or other smart phones which run the Android Operating System.

    If you have an Iphone, then you can buy a new "back" for the phone incorporating the Alivecor and then you download the App from the Applestore.

    If you have an Android phone (Samsung, Sony, HTC and others) then you buy the Alivecor and either hold it close, or on the back of your phone, or buy a little fitting device which stick it to the back £6 from Amazon) You also need to download the app from somewhere like Googlplay or similar.

    Whichever one you choose, the phone will help you create an account online at, and all your ECGs are uploaded to that account, and you may also request analysis of the ECGs at I think currently £5 a time. All the ECGs can be printed and taken to your medical advisor. Alivecor also contains a AF flag, which whilst it does not guarantee that you are in AF seems pretty reliable.

    Be well


  • Hi Ian,

    Yes thats me left out for the time being then. I don't understand or use probably 95% of what my present phone does let alone get lnto an even bigger mess with something as sophisticated as is on the market now.

    I'll stick with my Blackberry and Chromebook,(also mastered a Kindle and a Coaguchek), and I am just about reaching techno burnout!!!


  • Hi Ray

    It's a LOT easier than a Coagcheck, a whole raft easier, but yes you would need to change phones when your contract is up, and you could always be like me, I use my phone for Gasp...... phone calls and emails..... Just about everything else passes me by. I literally can't even use the camera.

    Be well


  • Hi ian,

    Your comment about the phone made me laugh.

    At least with the AliveCor you don't need to stab you finger and try and get enough blood on the test strip. Mine only works on my chest. Had too many electric shocks and I think my brain has told my skin resistance to go high. (the result of working with electrical/electronic kit all my working life)


  • Here's a list of supported devices. It doesn't include Blackberry as far as I can see. What works will depend on what Alivecor you have as per the list so it says.



  • Hi Koll,

    Yes someone already aimed me in that direction, and even though Ian swears it's easy to operate, he has not had to endure the phone calls for help that my grandson gets on a regular basis ( and that's just to set the timer switch on my TV)


  • ;-)

  • If you could come by a cheap second hand iphone4 or other smart phone, I'm sure you could use it just for the Alivecor without needing a phone contract for it.

    If you can work a kindle you can work the basics on a smart phone. You don't need to know how to work it all.

    Perhaps one of your family might be upgrading from one they no longer want?

    I'm sure that would work, I can't see why it wouldn't.

    You would definitely like having an Alivecor.


  • Hey thats a thought.....

    Who's a clever girl then, thanks Pat


  • I use a fitbit as an encouragement to walk more and I read its "findings" via a - think its called a dongle, connected to my computer. Would Alivecor work in the same way i.e. connected via a dongle. Please note it might be called a wongle !!!!

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