Hello, I took the advice I gleaned from this group and bought an Alivecor, my pulse is usually pretty low 45-48. I've only had PAF diagnosed for a few weeks, anyway the reading after using the Alivecor just to get used to it , frequently says Unclassified,

" this ECG recording falls outside of the current categories of Cardia Instant Analysis."

Does anyone know what this means?

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  • Probably interference either because of bad contact or outside "noise" . Try sitting with your hands on a table so you don't move and moisten you fingers first. I find it almost impossible to get a sensible reading myself.

  • Thanks Bob, Just tried that And got a normal reading, no Afib at present anyway .

  • Apart from the AF readings, I constantly receive the above. Although not saying it is - check along the reading yourself as you may be experiencing ectopic beats.

  • It won't give a reading below 50.

  • That could explain things , thank you.

  • Just to reinforce what has been said, either a very fast or very slow pulse can produce an unclassified reading and a lot of ectopic activity will do the same. I think Alivecor is pretty good at detecting AF so an unclassified reading is not necessarily something to worry about. AF should also show up pretty clearly in the ECG itself. The app has some examples of what AF and other conditions like ectopics ( PVCs and PACs) look like which might also help you interpret a result.

  • I am going to take a look at the examples in the app to see what's going on. Thank you.

  • If your average heart rate over the time of recording is under 50 bpm then you will receive the unclassified message.

  • I frequently have a heart rate in the 42-48 range which prompts an "unclassified" response from AliveCor. However, as soon as my heart rate goes over 50 bpm I get a proper reading. I have always assumed this is the norm for the device but really do not understand why.

  • Thank you Mrtee, on a normal day my heart is rarely above 48, sometimes as low as 38. I think I will just have to do something jolly active to get proper reading. Currently my Afib episodes are quite transient although I know they are happening due to the breathlessness .

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