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I use my mobile mainly for text and calls and I am trying to get an idea of the data requirements for Alivecor. It would seem that I download the App.,take and store ECG readings, and send by e mail to the GP all from the MOB. It also appears that I can upload readings to the Alivecor database if I want.Can I upload to a laptop, because I could then e mail from there? Most mobile tariffs start with a monthly 300MB data allowance. Would this be sufficient if ECG readings were taken only when needed i.e. in AF? My intention is to get a low end 3G phone e.g. Galaxy Core Prime (I am used to Samsung -currently got a Galaxy Fame s681).Any comments would be welcomed. TerryW

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If you set up your phone to use your wifi in the home then you will not use any of your data allowance. All the AliveCor information is stored on their server so you can access from any PC or smart phone or tablet.

As a general tip search tariffs as sometimes you can get a 1GB cheaper than a 300MB!!!! Also look at buying your phone and having a SIM only contract, often monthly rolling. I did this and paid for my phone after only 15 months rather than having to pay on a 24 month contract and so now it is free. Varies from month to month and provider to provider.

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Thank you PeterWh. I am back to the internet to look at SIM only contracts!


I find giffgaff really good for sim only deals. Very reasonably priced for the amount of data you get.


Look at whoever you use for your tv / broadband / phone S they may do a good deal and give a discount. I am with Virgin and my SIM only deal is £10 or month for 1GB data, 250 minutes, and unlimited texts and I think possibly free calls to Virgin users (that may just be on my landline). They do smaller data packages as well.


Alivecor only needs to use data when you want to refer your reading for checking. This data amount would be very small compared to any social media app for example.

Make sure the phone you use is running the minimum required Android version for the app to work.


You don't need to upload to your computer as the data is a cloud based system so you just log into your account from yr computer and you will see all of your info and can administer yr account from there, including picking up your stored ECG readings, print them and email them all from yr wifi so no data used from yr phone.


Thanks very much everybody for your help. I am checking with AliveCor about the Android version, and reviewing various MOB packages. I will have AliveCor soon. Have a great Christmas. TerryW


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