PeterWh has given me some useful information about these monitors for which many thanks.I have read some of the other threads so am seriously thinking of getting one. At present I have N iphone4s, if I upgrade it when my contract ends will the Alivecor fit a different iPhone or would I have to buy another one.(Alivecor, that is!).

Am a bit of a techno dimwit!



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  • they done one type for iphone 4, a different type for iphone 5 and a different one for iphone 6

    Here are the phones it works with,

    click on this link and see

  • I'm pretty sure that if you buy an iPhone compatible unit then it will work with any iPhone. Interestingly the compatibility chart doesn't show the AliveCor as being compatible with the iPad but I am able use my AliveCor on both my iPhone 5 and my iPad 3.

  • You won't have to buy a new one if you change phones.

    If you buy the 3rd generation, unit only, which sticks to the back of your phone and not one in a purpose built cover, you can move it to any iPhone.

    I have mine stuck to the back of an iphone 6plus now (actually it's stuck to the case I keep the phone in) but originally bought my Alivecor built into an iphone5 case. When I changed from the 5 to the 6plus, I popped the Alivecor out of the case and stuck it to the back using a replacement attachment plate.


  • It doesn't have to fit, just needs to be near the device (phone or iPad etc) that you are running the software on. Put your phone on the table, hold the Alivecor near it and you're away. I never fit mine to the phone.

    Main thing is just to find if they do the app for your phone/device.


  • I just rest my iphone 5 on top of the unit which was bought for iphone 4, and operate it as usual. Works just fine.

  • Thanks everyone


  • I can confirm that you definitely do not have to attach the unit to your phone or tablet. It works perfectly well "free standing".

  • Yes, the current AliveCor will fit virtually Any smartphone - Android or iPhone.

  • What is an Alive cor

  • Yes- works with any iPhone & most Androids. I know because I invented it.

  • Oh wow - you did? How clever - thank you!

  • Don't need to stick it to the phone. And I think you down load a different app depending on the phone... Don't quote me😊

  • Stephannietee

    Did you get it sorted or do you want some more advice?

  • Who PeterWh, the only app that appears to be available on the Apple Store is a vetinary one. Am I looking in the wrong place? Would like to have a look at that before I take the plunge.



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