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Heartbeat disturbance

I am one week post Ablation and doing ok I think.

Big problem at night - having very strong beats which I feel and hear. Having very little sleep.

Has anyone any tips on how to deal with these please? Tried sleeping in diff positions but no good!!

Thank you to everyone who's helped with advice on Ablation. So much appreciated.

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I think it is changes that we all notice. I'm sure this is a familiar problem to most of us and really it is just a matter of living through this period till your body gets used to things. Meditation, mindfullness etc may help but it is getting control of our minds that is the problem as they do focus on things they shouldn't.


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Hi , I too hear my heartbeat when in bed at night , I did mention this to my cardiologist today he said that's a good sign that the heart is pumping well and to worry if you stop hearing it lol, he seems to think it's just because it's quiet and we are focusing to much on our hearts , I can usually not hear it has much if I lay on my back and sleep ,try not to worry too much that alone will stop you sleeping , cheers Paul



Yes, we all get hypersensitive hearing with AF. That first thing in the morning when we wake up and the last thing at night, the old thumping in the ears. Even sat here typing this I am aware of my heart beat and bloody glad I can still hear it! It's fast (110) but fairly even and a lot more even after the first ablation than it was before. Hopefully after the second in mid September it will be even steadier. Don't worry to much my friend, things will improve with your plan of action. I belong to an AF group where we swop stories of our individual tales. It works well with plenty of encouragement to each other. We never get too serious: plenty of laughter. We meet monthly. Why not start a group yourself? We are in the York area.


When and where do you meet please I'm in

East Yorkshire



Give me a ring in a couple of days. We meet next on the 6th September. I shall have more information. (01977689858 and M: 07967730010) Dave.


Its all in the sensitive to heart beat thing and yep it appears that lots of us here have that strong heart beat thumping thing which when we go to sleep seems to settle down and as we relax it settles and we wake up and listen and feel again ....try to relax you will be fine Bob D is great at alleviating worry ......

best wishes



That was a problem for me until I realized that all I needed to do was move my head so my ear wasn't against the pillow. I could still feel my heart beating but I didn't hear it resonating any more.

That, and not worrying about it - as Runcrans suggested above.


Thank you, I'll get BaldyBoy to help me with that xx

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You have funny nicknames! Would one need sunglasses to look at the top of his head?


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