One month post-ablation

Ablation seems to be holding, but complications persist. Developed slow stomach motility so hurts to eat or drink, food just sits in my stomach, losing weight. GI consult pending. I know general anesthesia can cause this, but have also read about damage to vagus nerve. Any chance this is what happened during ablation? Am following low-fiber and low-fat diet for time being.

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  • You really must be one in thousands to have had such bad luck. Some slight changes, -usually temporary, are not unknown but this is not normal.


  • Hi. I had my ablation 10 weeks ago and for several of those weeks had great difficulty with digestion and pain when eating. My EP told me this was not common but not unknown. He said it was possible that the esophegus was bruised by the procedure which could have aggravated the situation.. I lost about 6 kilos , which I could afford, but not a pleasant time. Found it better to eat little and often with my last meal of the day early. Agree about low fibre. It has got slowly better but still not back to usual self. I think this is one of the less highlighted potential side effects of should get better for you in the coming weeks.

  • I had similar digestive problems after two ablations, and they settled down after several months. The vagus nerve is close to the heart and stomach and I am sure it gets aggravated by the heat from the 'burns' during ablation. My EP confirmed that, it is just annoying to deal with, but I drank lots of water and camomile/liquorice/fennel tea to sooth my digestive system!!

  • Hi Lorna -doone, Sorry to hear you are having some stomach issues following your ablation. I can relate, having had a 9 hour ablation 6 weeks ago and another unrelated surgery 1 week ago. When decreased motility is an issue a high fiber diet is actually something that will get things moving better. Low fat is a great idea. If you are on any pain meds that can also be a cause of a slow moving gut. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I suffered terriblhe stomach/ digestive problems after my abblations ( I had 2 ) sadly neither worked . i couldnt eat and was contantly retching and had a constant burning in my tomach .I was given Omeprazole,Lansoprazole and various other meds but sadly they didn't help.

    .After 5 months of problems I went for an Endoscope, hoping to see if I could get answers but again nothing.

    Some 9 months after having gone to Doctors etc I met with a different Cardiologist who advised me that it was infact quite common for people to suffer gastric problems after an abblations, he also told me that meds don't really help much, ( he was right iny case) it took a total of 9 months for me to fully recover from this, hence why I have refused a 3 attempt ( against the advise from my Cardiologist, I just can't face going through that again )

    I hope you all recover quickly xx

  • Thanks for taking the time to share your painful story. It helps to know this isn't just in my head. As my cousin says, "Time to pull up your big girl panties." Meaning I have to stick with the level 2 gastroparesis diet, plan ahead for social events, use a baby food grinder for tiny portions, and not even think about a splurge at Baskin-Robbins (U.S. ice cream parlor). Between this and the terrible groin injuries, don't think there will be ablation #2 for me.

  • The only real issues I have had post ablation (so far!!) has been increased phlegm deep in my wind pipe, like the tail end of a bad cold (that I never had to suffer) and a mystery pain in my left bum cheek.

    I have had the odd PAC and strange aches and pains around my heart but the above two concern me most.

    I get this quite painful ripping sensation in my bumcheek followed by a feeling of numbness, like I've been injected with dental anethetic. I am left with a small, round area of cheek that feels no pain at all. I can pinch it, scratch it, stab it with a pin, cant feel it at all.

    I am wondering if there was some nerve damage from the left groin entry point.

    Its not sciatica, I have had that in the past. This is different. After an hour or two the pain goes and feeling comes back.

    The phlegm I put down to the catheter heat affecting my windpipe, I was told this might happen, same with my sarcophagus (which has been OK).

  • Im 3 years out and my liver cant produce the enzymes to digest fat and protein... this was the worst decision of my life. What used to be an inconvenient afib ( 2 in 3 years) is now a horrible life threatening affliction. Once its burned its burned

  • So sorry, that sounds miserable and disabling, not at all what you anticipated.

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