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3 month post ablation

Hi all, just been back to LGI for my 3 month check up.

Only to be told I'm back in AF and needing a 2nd ablation!

I haven't been feeling so good recent weeks, I've had the dreaded bad cold and have felt quite breathless and lightheaded. So I put my symptoms down to this. Obviously I was wrong!

I'm feeling quite optimistic though because the ablation did work for a while and whilst being in NSR I felt amazing and hope to get that feeling back again.

I have been told I'm on the list of 5 medics who can perform the procedure, so hopefully I won't be waiting too long.

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Glad to read you are still positive as this is so important. AF is such a long journey for all of us and it never seems to stop I'm afraid. Quality of Life is all so I'm sure that next ablation will restore your feelings of happiness.

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Thanks Bob,

the EP said the ablation has partially worked as my symptoms are somewhat better than before my ablation, so I'm hoping for even more improvement next time and if needed subsequent times. I'm not giving up on this battle!


Hi like you my first ablation has not worked. I only had 3 weeks in good rhythm before it started again and despite extra meds is still coming and going. I have a few problems with my heart so having an mri on Wednesday then my cardiologist will decide what's next. He favours another ablation. I'm prepared for anything as with this condition you have to be. Best of luck to you in your on going af journey x


And you too julesp x


sorry to hear this but pleased you are raring to go- probably just need a touch up job!! Good luck


Thanks Rosyg I'm hoping a touch up will do the trick


Stay positive I too am having a second ablation done in March 6 months after my first one. I know it's very disappointing that AF has come back, plus side felt a lot better after the op.

So we must think positive.

Hope you don't have to wait too long



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