Pacemaker Update

Hi All,

Had my CRT-D pacemaker fitted Tuesday morning and back home Wednesday lunchtime.

Resting HR now set at 70, quite a change from 40 - 45. Too soon to say if I notice any difference since I've to take it easy for the next six weeks. Don't want to dislodge the leads and have to go through it all again. The procedure wasn't all that bad. The surgeon had it done in just under an hour although he had said it would be around two hours, depending on my anatomy. Pain afterwards has been quite bearable, even without painkillers, as long as I am careful with my left arm position. The worst part is trying to get shirts and jackets on without raising the left arm, although I had been practicing for a couple of weeks beforehand. The CRT-D is quite large so quite a bit of bruising around the site.

Keep telling my family and friends that I am looking forward to being like the "Duracell Toy", (if youv'e seen the TV advert). Time will tell.


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  • Sounds good Walter, keep us posted.

  • Will do Bob.

    Hope the racing is going to your liking.


  • Hi Bob,

    Another update.

    I was very pleased to find out that I don't need to inform DVLA. Mine is what is called a Prophylactic Implant and DVLA website says they don't require to be notified. Only to stop driving for 1 month. However if the ICD ever triggers then they do require to be notified and will request my licence back for 6 months, providing there are no other triggers in between. If there is then it's a year minimum. Not very handy when you live 2 miles from the town and any other transport.


  • That is lucky ! Hope the month soon passes.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Walter.

  • Thanks Concerned.

  • may seem simple but put your left arm in shirts and jackets first and take them out last. It will be worth it in end

  • Thanks frills. Yes I've been doing that. It means the left arm is only going slightly back while I get the right arm in to the other sleeve. I was also having a slight problem trying to wash under my right armpit since it was painful trying to reach across with my left arm. However my daughter visited this morning after having done a bit of improvisation and had a sponge attached to the end of a coathanger, with the hook removed. This now makes it very easy to reach across.


  • love good home remedies

  • Glad you did not suffer much and are getting better keep the good work up keep us posted all the best Gordon

  • Thanks Gordon.

    Will give updates. As I found before the procedure, It's good to hear how others have progressed.


  • Glad it's done. Are you having an A.V. node ablation or just the pacemaker? Look after yourself. X

  • Thanks dedeottie,

    Just the pacemaker, dual ventricular pacing with ICD. I have Left Bundle Branch Block so my resting HR was 40 - 45. EP said that because of that I didn't require the AV node ablation. Resting HR now set at 70

  • Welcome to the pacemaker club! well done hope you continue to feel better!


  • Thanks Wendi. Each day a little better. Quite pleased I didn't need painkillers after it.

  • Glad it went well for you. Remember to move your arm a little without raising it. A friend of mine got a frozen shoulder because she didn't move it at all for six weeks. I am ten weeks post pacemaker and feeling so much better now.

  • Thanks wpw62,

    Yes, I've been keeping some movement of the arm but trying not to go too far. Don't want to undo all the surgeons work and have to go through it again. Don't even want to exert myself too much since I reckon if the heart starts working too hard, that could also dislodge the leads. Just got to be patient.

    Good to hear that you're feeling much better now. How have you found the benefit of the pacemaker?


  • Hi Walter yes I am so glad I had my pacemaker fitted. I was only ill for a week before but that week was dreadful as I felt so poorly. It does take time to get used to having a steady regular heart beat again. Hope you feel much better too soon.

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