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Hi Folks,

Had my first post-implant check on Tuesday and pacemaker doing ok. No adjustments required. So, it's next check in 3 months time and then 6 monthly thereafter. Great to get back driving again.

Re:- all the concerns here on HU about cars with key-less entry/ ignition systems and pacemakers. Absolutely no problems with mine. Also electric shaver and electric tooth-brush not causing any problems, just make sure I am holding them away from the PM. Re-training myself to use the right ear for the mobile and cordless phones. Been in and out of TESCO with their door scanners and no problems.

It was also good to find out, from DVLA website, that i DO NOT need to inform them about the PM since it is a prophylactic implant. (preventive). Only restriction was don't drive for 4 weeks after implant since it is the CRT-D. Contacted my car insurance company and they said they don't need to know either if DVLA don't. So, no difference to car insurance.

Another thing, after a comment from my wife, the pacemaker DOES NOT cure or stop AF. That is still going on in the background. It just gives a nice steady ventricular rate, increasing as and when it detects that it is required. Also with mine, it has both ventricles synchronised now and that is certainly improving the output of the heart. AliveCor now consigned to the drawer since it just shows a nice steady pulse and not much point in using it.


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  • Thanks Jo.

    Yes, sharing the information here on HU is good for helping others in similar situations.

    You have a good weekend as well.


  • Interesting alert in the magazine InReview published by AntiCoagulation Europe.

    Heart patients with pacemakers should not put their smartphones near the devices, because the phone can make the pacemaker stop.

    Experts have found pacemakers can misinterpret phone waves as a cardiac message causing them to halt briefly.

    The German scientists are advising pacemaker patients to hold their phone to the ear opposite the side of their implant and never keep it in a top pocket.

    The Clinic for Heart and Circulatory Diseases in Munich tested 308 people with mobiles and made 3,400 calls while the phone was near the pacemaker

    Dr Carsten Lennerz said that whilst the interference is uncommon it can occur and people should take precautions.

  • Hi warfarin1,

    Yes, got to be careful with the mobile. The info from the manufacturers mentioned that. I'm a radio ham so also got to be careful with my transmitter and make sure it's all operating correctly.


  • Hello Walter - what a joy for you to have a steady heart rate and get back to normal activities again. It's really useful to hear of your experiences, as a PM may be the eventual route for many of us and it helps to dampen fear of the unknown.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Finvola for your good wishes. My biggest decision was whether to go for just the pacemaker or the one with the ICD. Because of living a bit remote and other cardiac issues I opted for the ICD one, and as my EP said, for peace of mind for me AND the family.

    Best wishes


  • Good report Walter and glad you emphasised that it doesn't stop AF as I keep telling people. Some unfortunates do still feel the AF going on so seems you are lucky.


  • Hi Bob,

    As I've said a few times, I reckon I've been fortunate in being pretty asymptomatic as regards the AF for the last 42 years. Been attending cardio since 1972 but AF not diagnosed until 1998. Main reason for the PM was being bradycardic, LVEF < 30%, DCM and heart failure. The EP reckons the DCM and heart failure is the long term effect of the AF. My main symptoms, the last few years has been getting more breathless on exertion and some fluid retention, although I've said often, if my cardio/EP saw what I was getting up to he would say there's nothing wrong with me. With me living somewhat remote and being a candidate for SCA, because of the HF, I opted for the CRT-D, (the one with the ICD), just in-case.

    Don't quite know yet if I am going to this years Patients Day or not. I've also joined Arrhythmia Alliance and their Patients Day is on the same day. So it's decisions, decisions. If I do decide to attend then I look forward to meeting you in person.

    Kind regards


  • Look forward to it. We are all in the same building, just different rooms at ICC so plenty of time to mix first thing during registration.

    Just ask any of the girls and they will point me out.


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