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Hi,Havent posted for a few months after my af took a sudden downturn.

It was quite a puzzle because I could go 2/3 weeks with no problem then

my heart would go haywire for 2/3 days then quiet again. My EP said in

late July we will leave it a couple of months see how you go. He thought a

PM was the way to go but I was very reluctant. Well as usual 3 weeks

passed, no problem, then I went to bathroom 1-30am and on returning

to bed my heart went into the most frantic rapid heartrate Ive ever experienced. It lasted 24 hours.

Next day, Saturday, I had af but not too frantic so decided to risk going

going into into town as I was due to go holiday and had things I needed

to get. After a short time I asked my daughter to take me to the nearest

hospital, my thoughts were I needed ecg for my EP so he would have the

information he needed and is always asking for when I tell him any symptoms

I may have experienced. Unfortunately, things went downhill fast and I

ended having a bluelight trip into Resus. I emerged about 6 hours later.

I had af, atrial flutter and SVT. Next day I had af all day by which time the

PM seemed like a very good idea. I rang my EPs secretary to be told he was

on holiday for 2 weeks!! Oh dear, I spoke to his second in command who

said the PM was the way to go and he would arrange it ASAP.

By this time I was struggling for breath on exertion, doing anything was

a problem for me. The procedure was carried out on the12th September

by a EP who happened to be available as I was pretty desperate.

My real question is this, I had a 3 lead PM as it is thought I will the AV

node ablation as even an increase in medication is not going to work for

me. The site of the PM is extremely sore which I expected, but the continous

extreme ache down my arm and across my shoulders makes sleep impossible

as I cannot get my arm in a comfortable position. Can anyone tell me how

long this lasts, I have extreme bruising all across the area and my chest on

that side. Im not really soft and have had some nasty things in the past but

this really has knocked the stuffing out of me. I know its only been 8 days

but a light at the end of the tunnel would be nice.

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This is just to send good wishes and say thanks for this update. I have the impression that most seem to get on well with a pacemaker once they have recovered and we hope that your progress will be speedy in this direction and present discomfort will be brief.

Those who know will hopefully respond with their experiences and answer your questions.

Hope you soon feel better shirlygirly !!!!

Could this be pain from a trapped nerve in your neck from lying on a hard operating table? Or temporary nerve irritation after pressure on a nerve root during surgery? I don’t think what you have is common and it’s probably a good idea to see the medics.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Shirlygirly. Good advice from Oyster.


Hi, there have been some very positive posts about pacemakers recently so I hope yours turns out to be a blessing when you get over this painful time 💝

If you are in that much pain and discomfort you need to go back to see your cardio, did they not give you a 3 month follow up appointment. If it were me I would ring the cardio's secretary and explain and ask for a review as you cannot go on like this.

After i had my pm i was ok about 3 weeks later fully recovered after 8 weeks ive had it 7 years now and fget ive got it i too was in alot of pain afterwards x

Shirlygirly 8 days may be a bit soon to be worrying about the pm site still being painful. Mine was fitted 8 weeks ago and is still a bit tender although a couple of Paracetamol before bedtime does help.

Try not to over do things - when they tell you not to lift/pull/push!

Thanks so much to everyone for their advice, I am taking the paracetamol which does help and I did sleep an little better last

night. I just wanted to hear other peoples experience of the same

op that way you can compare to yourself. I did go back to hospital

yesterday as I had what seemed like wire poking up, but not breaking

through the skin. Felt a bit of a fool because it turned out to be the

internal stitches which evidently will eventually dissolve.

As regards the trapped nerve theory, as you are laid with your head

turned to the right for, in my case 2 hours as there was some problem

with a vein I suppose its understandable that there is now some

discomfort. I did mention it yesterday and nobody seemed unduly concerned. The PM site itself doesnt feel too bad its a little sore but

thats to be expected.

Thanks once again I will keep on taking the tablets.

All the best to you! I had a pacemaker put in within a couple hours of my going to emergency with major breathing problems, I had 4 cardiac arrests in the ER. The last one occurred when I was sitting on the side of the bed, and I fell like a stone and hit my face and started bleeding all over the place. I guess they said "enough is enough" and took me for a pacemaker right away. That was 3 months ago, I am totally healed and feeling fine. I feel VERY COMFORTED to know that I have the pacemaker and defibrillator ICD inside me. I know they will take care of of me if I need it. Later tests showed that my pacemaker is working 28% of the time -- that's a lot, I really really needed it. And am so glad I have it!!

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