Magnesium and Sleep

After reading the good reports posted on here regarding magnesium helping with AF I thought I'd give it another go (took magnesium years ago and it made my stomach really sore).

This time I started taking 300mg per day of magnesium citrate by mixing the tablets with warm water each morning and then adding teaspoonfuls to glasses of water throughout the day. This was recommended in a link as a way of it not affecting the stomach in one of Biglegs posts and my stomach has been fine. I started doing this roughly 11 days ago and from day 1 my heart calmed and I wasn't aware of it doing it's usual crazy beats. So all is looking amazingly good, as although it's early days I've had no problems since and up to that time my heart had been doing very strong and irritating beats in the evenings. I'm just managing to hold back from shouting, "I'm cured"! The effects of taking it are nothing short of amazing! However, since starting them I find I can't get to sleep at night!

I would be interested to hear from any members who may have experienced and found a way to overcome this. I must admit it has crossed my mind that it could be the filler added to the pills that's causing the problem and I'm thinking of ordering the powder form. Does anyone use the powder?

How well do you sleep and has a different type of magnesium to what I'm taking helped your sleep pattern.

Has magnesium helped your heart or health and which type do you prefer to take?

Many thanks for reading this.


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  • I am SO pleased you have been able to find a way to have your magnesium. AWESOME. I started with some plain old magnesium, then chelated, then citrate and now I am just waiting on some magnesium taurate. Changes were due mainly to just learning more about what would be right for me and what works best generally.

    I love magnesium and it has absolutely been a godsend for my AF. In the last few years I would have been admitted to hospital maybe once every two months with a severe attack. Since January, when I started supplementing, I have had 2 10 minute little blips and one that took about 2 hours to subside but none of them have been anything close to what I would call severe.

    And yes that kind of turnaround CAN feel dramatic. Since starting magnesium I have been able to halve my anti-arrhythmic with no discernible change in my condition.

    I have also seen my depression of several decades pretty much gone (well documented magnesium deficiency symptom), my frequent night time bathroom visits halved (reduction in bladder spasms) and an esophageal spasm problem when eating sometimes has also disappeared.

    BUT I am sure you have seen me say all of this in one of my magnesium raves so its not really news I am sure :)

    I thought my sleep actually improved once I started magnesium BUT that effect only seemed to last a few weeks.

    Sorry I couldn't offer some insight to your sleep issues but again so happy you are enjoying the benefits of magnesium:)

  • Dave - What time of day to you take your magnesium? I do wonder whether taking it in the evening, as well as day time is affecting my sleep. Now if my bed time was mid afternoon I'd fall asleep in no time!

  • I know what you mean about wanting a nanna nap in the afternoons !

    I take 400mg in the morning, 200mg around 2:00 p.m. and another 200mg at night. I have to take meds morning and night anyway and have other supplements I like to split over the day so its really no bother to do this.

  • Hey Dave!! I thought you were also spraying Magnesium?? I find spraying it on my chest at night really helps with sleep!! Thank you for all your info on it in the past and for your 'Raving'!! I'm also coming off Digoxin after a locum GP a young Belgian doctor was really taken aback that I was on 2 Digoxin daily INDEFINITELY!! His training told him that long term Digoxin caused Toxicity in the body and advised me to come off it slowly! I'm almost completely there and am doing very well without it!!! I think the Magnesium is helping me a lot!!

    Love and Blessings to you Dave


  • jeanjeannie - I cannot comment on taking magnesium except to say it made our loo work overtime, lol - but I'm so happy for you finding it has helped your heart. It must be like a dream come true and long may that be so.

    Best wishes

  • By mixing the magnesium with water it doesn't affect the stomach at all. Yes, I want to jump with joy at feeling 'cured', but fate has taught me never to speak too soon.

  • I take 200 mg in the morning with breakfast and 200mg after my evening meal. I made a few other changes at the time I started taking magnesium including taking CQ10, eating a healthier diet and making sure I didn't get dehydrated. I do think the magnesium has made a positive difference though. I haven't noticed any negative impact on my sleep because of taking magnesium. Hope your sleep improves soon.

  • Do you mind if I ask what type of magnesium you use? Yes, I take CQ10 too.

  • Dear Jeanjeanie, I just checked and actually take 250mg of Magnesium twice a day which I bought from Holland and Barrett.

  • Difficulty getting to sleep may be just because you have jogged your mind/body out of its old routine and because you are elated. The mind is very strong. After a few weeks, things may get easier, without any other action.

    The Mg supplement I take (Nutri Ultra Muscleze), which has lots of other useful stuff in it as well, actually makes me very tired (its supposed to relax the muscles) when I take my 9.30pm dose - almost knocks me out.

  • That's a good point about my difficulty getting to sleep, I slept fine last night so you could be right in what you suggest. I will see how I get on and may try the Mg supplement you take, even if it's just at night.


  • "...from day 1 my heart calmed and I wasn't aware of it doing it's usual crazy beats"

    Can you clarify this Jean? You have diagnosed AF (persistent or paroxysmal?) and for 11 days, extraordinarily, you have had no episodes?

    Is that right?

  • I have PAF and my heart has periods of tachcyardia. My last session of tachycardia was 16th June when my rate stuck at 150 and although I've had higher rates, this session made me feel far worse than any others. I take Flecainide as a PIP.

    However, more often than not as I sat evenings I would be aware of my heart doing a strong 'pinging' beat which was too strong to ignore and very irritating. If it continued when I went to bed I would have to take a sleeping tablet as it would keep me awake. Feeling my strong pulse when this happened indicated no AF.

    I've had AF for about 10 years and I try my best to ignore what my heart is doing when in this mode - we just have to get on with our lives!

    On Wednesday 24th June I started taking magnesium tablets and from that day onwards I have not been aware of my heart doing the slightest odd beat. I also feel really well and have more energy. This is extremely unusual, but of course it is still early days!

    So the answer to your question is YES!! Hooray! Hmm I mustn't get too excited.

    I hope I've answered all your questions. If not let me know.


  • Yes, gone from mine too Jean! I was simply acknowledging your response and wishing you good luck for the future. I don't know where it went......

  • Hi Jean,

    I'm soo excited for you!!!!....I'm also a magnesium fan BIGTIME! I'm taking the powder (Viridian) a quarter to half a teaspoon at night before bed and I also use Magnesium Spray (A 'Better You' Product) on my chest or/and belly before I go to bed and I sleep sooooo much better and the awful palpitations have pretty much gone and no sign of A Fib either!! Transdermal (through the skin) Magnesium is supposed to be the best way to take Magnesium as it bypasses the digestive system and goes to work very quickly!! I felt positive changes within a day or two!!

    I have also made my own Magnesium Spray from Magnesium Flakes which you can buy in a health food store. Much Much cheaper than buying it! 1 Cup of Magnesium flakes and 1 cup of boiling water mix water with flakes and leave to cool!! Put in a glass spray bottle from HFood store and spray on. You can also use magnesium spray on painful joints and muscles!!

    When you first use the spray it will probably sting you a bit which apparently means you are low in Magnesium but as your body's Magnesium levels get back to normal the stinging stops!! And It doesn't sting me anymore now! I also take a little bit of the powder in the morning ...always in warm water as it dissolves better in the warm water. If you take too much you can get very soft stool or diarrhoea so you pull back a bit. Start with powder and a few sprays at night and you can build up from there. Once you feel settled with it you can find the right dose and keep going. Magnesium has made a huge difference to my life and my sleep! I've been spraying for 2 months now!

    The very best of luck with it Jean

    Biddy (in Co Kerry)

    PS You still need to be careful around any triggers though...Coffee Alcohol Chocolate etc

  • I bought some magnesium flakes today and have just copied your method for making a magnesium spray. Must get myself a bottle to put it in - oh why didn't I remember to get one!

    How long do you keep the magnesium on your skin for?


  • Hi Jean, I get the Viridian Mag powder from my local health food shop. You can also get it on line. It's an English product actually. As far as I can remember if you are buying it in England the post is free!! But if you have a good Healthfood store near you they probebly have it.

    About the spray I just spray in on my chest or belly and massage it in well and leave it on. If you don't like the feel of it just leave it on for 20-30mins and you can wash it off then. I've come to realise that a lot of us are Magnesium deficient so don't worry about over-dosing.

    Good luck with it and let me know how it goes for you.


  • Hi Biddy - Thanks for responding.

    I would like to try the magnesium powder as I always wonder what fillers have been added to make tablets. Would you mind if I asked where you get yours from? I will also make a spray as you have suggested. Thank you for your advice, it's much appreciated.


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