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1 year and 1 month since ablation

Hi all

I saw my Ep this week and I am over the moon. I am off all meds including warfarin and been discharged from the hospital.

I know I haven't posted much on here but all your posts have really helped, especially back in the beginning when I was so scared and had just come out of hospital.

Thank you all


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Ho Karen. Good to hear from you again. I'm so pleased all went well for you. Join the club ! Seven years this June for me but I do still take warfarin as a personal choice as I would rather be safe than sorry.. I know opinion is divided amongst EPs but I feel a growing trend towards antcoag for life for us AFers even post successful ablation.

Stay well



HI Karen,

Well done and congratulations...Great news and to be Medication free is an added bonus...Best Wishes,Carol....


So good to hear your ablation has been a success and thank you for letting us know. It's so important to have feedback on here relating to this procedure. Especially when it's been successful.

Stay well.



Dear Karen, really great to read your good news.


Really good to hear that cheers everyone up ..but.. not sure I would be

giving on anti coagulants. Good luck.


Can I ask who did your Ablation.


Excellent news and good to hear. Well done.



Congratulations, it's good to hear of people doing well as it gives hope to a lot more. I've just had my second ablation and am hoping to be off the meds in a bout five weeks time.

Good luck with your continued happy heart :)


Great news, always good to hear a positive story among all the doom and gloom, thanks for sharing.


Great news Karen and all the very best for a life free of AF. I'm also still taking anticoagulants as a personal choice as they don't bother me and I'm terrified of having a stroke.


Lovely to hear a positive post Karen especially 2weeks before I have my first CA. Im terrified as some on here know and I wish with all my heart that I knew if Im doing the right thing. Even though I have PAF when Im not in AF I dont feel too bad despite the medication.

But its getting more frequent and lasts longer and Im exhaused post AF attack.

They think Im a good candidate for an ablation so fingers crossed.

Hope you continue to feel well


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