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Ablation Redo 1 month follow up


I originally posted 4 weeks ago about the cardiac tamponade I suffered on my ablation. I almost died and I had a punctured lung when the drain for the pericardium to drain was installed. There were also issues with the tubes installed to inflate the lung.

One thing I didn't mention was when the CT scan was done to install the second tube there was a 2.2 cm spot that showed up on my center lobe of my right lung. It was called an irregular opacity.

I'm sure you understand my not mentioning this. Possible Lung Cancer!

I was having hoarseness in my voice and had a loss of appetite. All symptoms of lung cancer as I search on the dreaded internet for my symptoms.

My pulmonologist requested a pet scan and new ct scan. My appt was scheduled for April 23rd at 11:00 AM.

I have to admit I was so nervous. They put you in this machine that you slide into and have to remain very still for 23 minutes after they inject you with a radioactive dye that is supposed to light up all cancers. The scan was from base of skull to mid thigh and the results would be available on Monday.

The waiting for the news was terrible. I got a call the day after my test from my aunt telling me my best friend of 50 plus years died suddenly. At this point I thought I had to be having a nightmare and would wake up any moment. No such luck.

On Thursday afternoon I got an unexpected call from my pulmonologist to tell me she got the results early.

Looks like infection scar. Benign lesion most likely not cancer but follow up in a couple months to check it again. The lesion had actually shrunk in size by 4mm.

The hoarseness I have turns out to be sinusitis. ENT doctor diagnosed today and put me on antibiotics.

Oh, by the way I have been in NSR through all this mess. No afib at all.

I am so tired but thankful to have my life back or so it seems.

Best Wishes to you all!

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W O W.....It's always something. Thanks for sharing and glad you are here. 1 week after my ablation I suffered a PE and nearly died also. Gives one a new perspective - surviving. It did me. Probably you too?

Indeed it has. I am more calm and seem to enjoy the little things in life more than ever. My faith is also a comfort

I have been wondering how you are getting on. I’m so sorry to hear that you have had to go through all this too after such a traumatic ablation.

Hopefully this will be the end of it all and you can rest now and recover both physically and emotionally from everything that has happened and grieve the loss of your dear friend.

You take good care of yourself 😊

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Thanks Kellyjelly

I am so very happy for you. I completely understand your concerns, more than you can know. It's a living nightmare dealing with such issues and delighted you have a a good result and in nsr to boot.

Excellent news, enjoy your life give yourself a treat like a lovely holiday in the sun to celebrate X

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Thanks meadfoot

Sounds like you have been to hell and back! The important thing is that you are now back so let’s hope you get a chance to enjoy the benefits of your ablation......best wishes.

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Thanks Flapjack


Glad things are more positive. There is good in all bad situations after all.

Oh WOW, you have been through so much. Please, please, please nurture yourself now as the stress of all this will affect your health unless you really love and nurture yourself.

You survived, you are AF free, you have life in front of you so I do hope you enjoy it.

My very sincere best wishes for a truly wonderful future life. CD.

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Thanks CDreamer

Oh what a time! The only way is up now....hope all goes well with the tidy up proceedure. Sending best wishes...

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Thank you wilsond

I hardly know what to say, what a traumatic time for you and your family. I've very much hope the summer is a restful time where you continue to heal physically and emotionally.

Thank you for the update.

Take care


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Thank you Amanda.

So glad you had a good report. I can’t imagine how frightened you were. Take good care 😊

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Thank you

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