1 year since episode and other thoughts

Hey all,

It's been one year today since my first episode. I may have had others, but not really sure. This past year since the episode has been emotionally bonkers. It triggered my panic, anxiety, and depression. It changed my life, really. Mostly for the better, I suppose! I eat better, try to exercise, and I've discovered that my ectopic beats are really set off by bloatedness and certain foods. I did a month of yoga, which was really helpful! I've gotta get back to doing that. Oh, magnesium has been SO HELPFUL.

Anyway, I celebrated today by going to a diner with my partner and I ate banana bread French toast. I've been feeling pretty good lately, with no ectopic beats since I stopped dairy. Wouldn't you know, after I finished my breakfast, my heart jumped and then sped up fast. I thought for sure I was going into afib. It scared me but I dealt with it. I tried my best to breathe through it and move on.

I'm lucky that the afib hasn't been as bad as some of you experience. My heart (pun intended) goes out to you. Reading your stories has been SO helpful. I know that if afib comes back, I can come here for support. For now, im going to do what I can to treat my body and mind better. Thanks for reading!


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  • What a helpful and positive post. Well done for grabbing this condition by the scruff of the neck and taking control. Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • I can't eat any bread, carbs/starchy foods - double wammy banana and bread,

    Well done, sounds like you have made so,e positive changes,

  • Thank you! Hoping things will stay stable for awhile :)

  • If you feel funny when you are eating something or shortly afterwards, don't eat it again. Not my advice but what I have read either hear or elsewhere as I re-educate myself to lead a proper life in all respects - as you have learned Tomas AF can do you favours as well as being a pain. Enjoy your day!!

  • Hi Thomas, just a thought here ? Do you just have AFib ? The reason I ask is because I had the same symptoms as you that only came on out the blue and it was SVT !!! Only found this out last Thursday after my EP study . Also have fast PAF but felt that last November, only had one episode of PAF ! But the SVT symptoms I have had on and off since my early 20s . Just interested as sounds identical to me , and yes certain foods triggers symptoms. Thanks for this post 😊

    Best wishes

    Sam ❤️

  • Hi there! As far as I know, I've only had an afib episode, and some ectopics. Once and awhile after the skipped beat feeling the heart will speed up quickly but will slow down soon after. I'll read up on SVT though. Thank you!

  • Yes that's exactly what mine felt like , used to happen in a burst for a few seconds, then as the years went on I would get it every few years say 4 then it went to 2 years till last year . SVT and AFib are very similar , however SVT is less complicated ablation procedure so I am told . Unless like me last Thursday as my SVT was ablated right near my AV node 😬 so was very tricky. Hope this helps 😊❤️

  • Hi I have had. Two Ablations over the six years that I was first diagnosed with AF this second Ablation has now been okay for almost a year,I have never been advised on my eating habits by my cardiologist,My breakfast every day is porridge banana and toast ,again like medication it suits us all differently.

  • It's good to hear that you are doing well Tomas. You say you ate banana bread French toast, wouldn't this have contained dairy items that you say you no longer eat - perhaps a little milk and butter. It's such a pain when we have to watch everything that we eat, but we plod on.

    What type of magnesium is it that you have found really helpful?

    Hoping you keep well.


  • Hi Jean,

    Thanks for your message. The no dairy thing is new, and I've been trying to do less gluten. I guess my body is very sensitive! I'm going to try no gluten or dairy for a few weeks to see what happens.

    As for the magnesium, I'm taking the trace minerals mega magnesium brand. I think it's magnesium chloride? Here's the link: iherb.com/pr/Trace-Minerals...

    It tastes god awful, so I put for shots in something sweet.


  • I'm gluten and lactose free, have felt much better for it.

  • Oh, I've also been taking ginger supplements, which seems to help with ectopics! :)

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