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Ablation - My Experience

Just wanted to write a post in regards to my recent Catheter Ablation. I have posted quite a lot over the last few months and thought it only fair to let everyone know how I got on and put some peoples mind at rest over catheter ablation.

I arrived at John Radcliffe Angioplasty ward at 7.30am 21st jan. I checked into the ward, shown to my bed, and relaxed for around an hour before a nurse explained what the plan was.

1.paperwork including consent form,posessions, and a brief medical history.

2.put a canulat in my arm and take bloods and other health checks

3.Speak to the doc about the procedure

4.arm me with a pager, and they will call about 30 mins before procedure

I then went off for an hour and got some fresh air.

I made my way back to the ward at about 11, and then told to get into my Gown just before 12.The anaesetist came to see me before and walked me to the cath lab.

My nerves well and truly kicked in by now,I met everyone from the team.cardio nurse, two heart physiologists, a radiographer, health care worker and Dr Rajappan. (Top Bloke)

It took around 30 get me prepared, for the op.

Before I knew it I had some.sedation and felt alot better.

As soon as Dr Rajappan inserted the catheters into my atria, it set off my atrial fibrillation. This was uncomfortable, but he put me back in sinus rhythm within about 15 seconds......Amazing

This then went on for about an hour and a half, with me falling in and out of sleep.

I think he was mapping my heart.

He then went to work on the AV node and found I had a form of AVNRT, a slow pathway which was causing the AF . ONCE again he put me.back into.sinus rhythm within seconds.This was incredible.And he was in.complete control at all times.

at one point I think the catheters touched my phrenic nerve as my muscles in stomach went into spasm.

With the sedation it did not even scare me..and forgot about it till recently.

the procedure was around 3/4 hours and remember him calling out numbers to the physiologist s and then saying ok all done.

I did not even know they had ablated anything....I felt nothing . No pain at all.

so to recap. I did not have AF Ablation. I had Atrial tachycardi ablation a d also AVNRT ablation which was a re entrant arrythmia, which was causing my AF. (Fingers crossed its.stopped it), I was scheduled for a cryoablation after if svt ablation did not work.

I saw Dr Rajappan the day after and he said there was a 90% chance its sorted it...but time will tell.

Im still getting.palps and heart is still fairly high...around 100bpm, but told to expect this for a few weeks

overall my experience was a very good one, Dr Rajappan and his team were fantastic and complete proffesionals.

It was an strange experience but I would do it again if my arrythmia returns.

I have two weeks off work, my mum has looked after me for the last few days which has been great. But home now and feeling human.

All the best to everyone.

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rich101 hey Rich well done hope your well :-)


Great news, Rich - sounds very positive. Take it easy and get well.

Best Wishes.


Very interesting post thank you Rich, and glad it looks positive.



Glad to hear that all went well. Best wishes.



All sounds good. Hope mine is as well. Going for hypnotherapy on Tuesday to try and get a grip of the nerves. That will be a new experience!

I hope your recovery continues well and do keep us informed.x


What a fascinating post Rich, very detailed and clear. I wish you well and so pleased things are going so well for you. I have the same type of procedure on the cards in the coming months so it has been very useful for me to hear your experience.

All the very best.


Thank you. That's so reassuring.


A nice positive story, thanks for sharing


Great to hear that it went well, Rich and I think it's very useful for those who haven't had an ablation and are understandably anxious, to be reassured by your experience. I hope your recovery continues well.


Great description. Hope its all sorted and good luck


Thank you for that. Hoping for an equally happy experience. Dave.


Thanks. Make sure you get well.


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