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After putting up with AF and S V T since a collapse in Gran Canaria 2011, 2 Cardioversions and a resting heart rate 120-130bpm. N S R now, had my assessment for ablation procedure yesterday and was told all was well and can go ahead with ablation 6/10/2014, Has anyone out there on this site had this procedure at Eastbourne D G H, Berwick Ward? Would be nice to hear from someone that could put those little nervous gremlins to rest.

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Good news for you obviously. Sorry I can't comment on your hospital but the procedure is generally a doddle. Just be prepared to have to lay flat for several hours afterwards so make sure you take a sports drinking bottle and prepare anything you may need within easy reach. Relax your gremlins !



Not at Eastbourne but I've had two done in Birmingham. One under GA last year and another 10 years ago just sedated. Both were a breeze, and I'm not just trying to make you feel good, they really were. Being just sedated sounds scary but it wasn't, time flew by and I felt very calm and sleepy because of what they gave me. I came out of both feeling good, which I assume was the drugs? First ablation stopped my AF completely for another 8 years or more, and I came off all drugs except anti-coagulants.

I had to be careful for a few days with the groin wound. I went and bought some of the large dressings they use on the wound and found I could shower with one on, then change it afterwards.




I also have had 2 ablations, both within the past 12 months. I wouldn't say the second was a breeze because there were complications but I didn't know a thing about that until much later. Had sedation for both, much, much quicker recovery. Went home at noon the following day and home was 200 mile drive away with no problems. Virtually no pain, I was given paracetamol in case I did but didn't use any. The puncture wound in the groin is the only thing you need to be careful of, you cannot drive for at least 7 days and need to be very careful up and down stairs.

There are lots of detailed accounts of what to expect on the day etc on posts and every hospital seems to have the same or similar procedure. Pre ablation checks :- full bloods, swabs for infection, ECG, urine etc, (because I travelled mine were on the morning of but often done the day before) the wait to go down is the worst so take something to do and distract you, I took an iPod and listened to audio book. Have a small bag with essentials you may want to take with you because more than likely you will be taken to an ICU for the first few hours as they need to check you very regularly but that may be just my hospital, again can't help you there as mine was in London.

The day after you will posting here about how the experience was just so much easier than the expectation and you don't know why you were worrying, but we all did the same so we know! It's natural to be scared of something you don't know, good luck and let us know how you got on.


Thanks everyone for there comments and kind thoughts, Tony


Good luck- hope all goes well!




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