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Ablation Update

I survived and am home again taking it easy.

My partner and I stayed in the hospital accommodation the night before and I went into AF around 6 in the morning. I arrived on the ward at around 7.30am and had an ECG, Canula put in and chats with the nurse and consultant of what was going to happen during the procedure,

Was feeling very weak by the time I was called at 11am and wasn't able to walk so was wheeled into the Cath lab. Lay on the table and given a GA.

Was woken at around 3.00pm to be told everything had gone well. At this stage I had no pain.

Later the consultant came and gave me the news that they had performed a cyro ablation and isolated the 4 pulmonary veins. Unfortunately I was still in AF at the end of this so they then tried doing a cardioversion which did not work. Then gave me 100mg flecanide and another cardioversion which then got me back into sinus rythym. He thinks my AF has progessed to persistent and I may require another procedure. I was not happy hearing this at that stage. I was weak and my blood pressure was still pretty low.

The highlight was the fire alarm going off and fire supposedly on my ward and not a drill. All able bodied visitors were asked to leave which just left me on a drip and 3 other ladies waiting. Fire engine arrived and I was looking forward to being whisked away by the firemen which unfortunately didn't happen as it was a false alarm!

Didn't sleep much as groin very sore and was woken at 6 to pack up as beds needed by 7.30am. This was just so early as we all felt pretty rough and sore and didn't really feel like having to go to the canteen for breakfast.

Arrived home and felt very tired and sore so went to bed at 5.30pm only to be woken at around 11pm in AF. I was not happy and took 200mg flecanide to get me back into sinus rhythm 90 minutes later.

Today I feel much better in myself and the groin isn't painful or stiff as it was yesterday. I am now taking it easy for a couple of weeks. Only time will tell whether it has worked or whether I will need another procedure. Has anyone else had this where they haven't gone back into sinus after the ablation? May be the other kind of ablation may have worked better.

Sorry this is so long. I know when I was waiting for my procedureI read as much as I could from other people's experiences. Feel free to ask questions if there is anything else you would like to know :)


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Hi Bella! All this doesn't sound the best, but sometimes things don't go smoothly. I've had a similar fire alarm experience years ago and the bit about being turfed out of bed early for the next lot rang true too. I took my suitcase along to sit down in reception (actually the departure lounge for half of the people in it) to be handed a sheet of 'Advice after ablation' which said don't carry any heavy weights...

Yes, I had to be cardioverted during ablation but once on flecainide, my heart was OK for the next year. Do hope you will find things settle down and you will gradually find your AF going away or lessening. Don't be discouraged! The odd wobble may happen.

Thanks for giving us such a full account. Do hope your recovery goes well - do take things easy.


Hi Bella, I also had a cardioversion during my ablation. Subsequently I did not feel my heart at all for 8 weeks but then had 5 episodes as the drugs were reduced. I have now had another trouble- free 8 weeks.

Do not expect to be 100% before Spring. It takes months to recover fully from a general anaesthetic. You will experience bouts of severe fatigue. You need to be kind to yourself and get plenty of rest.

Very best wishes.


Hi Bella and well done for going through it and sorry it hasn't settled things down yet. Do be aware that it will take three to six months for the heart to heal and the scar tissue to form so things may be a little rocky for a while. Unfortunately cryo ablation can only isolate the four pulmonary veins so if you have other signals firing off elsewhere you may need an RF ablation later to stop these. Cryo is great for what it does and usually is better at isolation of the veins due to more complete ring burn but success does depend on those being the only source of signals. RF can be more localised but relying as it does on a series of dots may not create a complete ring.

Right now you need to rest plenty and recover slowly and not worry about the future as it really won't help.

Take care .



I hope you feel better soon- glad you are home safely,

best wishes


Good luck Bella, and thank you for your really informative posting x


Oh my Bella! What a trial.... I always say a hospital is no place for the ill --- you can't get rest! At least you are out and on your way to a calm heart. Take good care


Thank you for your post and I do hope your symptoms settle down very soon. Not the best experience by the sound of it but you are out the other end now so fingers crossed for a better future. Where did you have your procedure.


I had my procedure at the Heart hospital in London.


Thank you for your comments. Not sure this is normal but feel worse today than yesterday. Very tired and light headed. Took myself back to bed and trying to drink lots of water as feels like low blood pressure. Will keep you updated :)


So sorry you had such a rotten time, sods law but you will just have to take

it easy for a while, I know how you felt when they said time to get up and

dressed, I groaned for you when I read that and I didnt get that till about

10-30am. Well have a good rest and be an invalid for a while, Take care.


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