2nd Ablation

Yesterday I had my second ablation at LGI and once again the care I received was fantastic. After having a cancelled procedure last week, I was a little down hearted (Pardon the pun), but was quickly rescheduled. The procedure was a "Redo" and my EP said there was only a small amount of touching up to be carried out and he was happy with my chances of a prolonged period of AF free life. The medical team did have issues trying to pierce the septum of my heart due to scar tissue from my previous procedure and it was a good hour before they broke through after several attempts. I was a little concerned, as I was fully awake at this point, but once through the ablation was done in no time. The worst point of the procedure was the initial insertion of the catheters into the groin, the rest was a walk in the park 😀

I was let home several hours afterwards and as I type this from the comfort of my living room I have no chest discomfort or groin pain. Early days I know, but here's to a successful procedure.

I cannot sing the praises enough of the medical team who carried out my ablation and my EP could have a career in stand up if he ever falls out of love with the medical profession. I'm sure it's not that wise to have your patient in fits of giggles whilst on the operating table, but in doing so he made me feel so at ease and I can't thank him enough.


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  • Hi Jason,

    So pleased it went well for you and you had a positive experience!

    Now just relax and take it easy mind!!


  • Thanks for the very entertaining post. From your remarks do I take it that your EP is Dr Pepper?

  • It was Dr Hogarth, but I have met Dr Pepper at one of the AFA conferences and he is a really nice guy

  • Alls well that ends well Jason wish you well in your recovery.

  • Thank you Shirly

  • So pleased for you. You sound very chipper which is amazing after a gruelling procedure. What a great prognosis enjoy every minute of your af free life, what a gift.

  • Thank you

  • Glad all went well for you and how fantastic the heart team at the hospital sound. Now don't go sailing off into the sunset and never contacting us again, make sure you keep in touch and let us know how you get on.


  • Thanks Jean. I'll be going nowhere. It's part of my daily routine catching up with how everybody is getting on.

  • Absolutely great news

  • Great when all works out, very pleased for you.

  • Good news Jason - so glad it went well.

  • Brill news...im also on Leeds when I have my ablation so all souns very positive! Xx

  • Sounds like my EP. In his online resume, he says he does scuba diving and skiing, but not at the same time 😃. Glad it went well.

  • Hi Jason,

    Just fantastic news, Well Done! Now get some rest.

    Best Wishes


  • Great news! So glad it all went well, plenty of rest now!

  • Good one Jason, rest then get fit and make good use of that heart but be kind to it. Waiting on my touch up ablation come July or August.

  • Thanks Elbows. Good luck with your touch up ablation

  • Glad all went well Jason and I'm on the same page as you regarding LGI, I had Dr. Page who was lovely, and the care back on the ward was excellent.

    I had a GA so had no idea of what was going on but had a laugh with everyone in theatre before I went under.

    Hope you are now sorted and won't need any more ablations.


  • Thanks Denise. Dr Page did my first ablation and he was to carry out the 2nd one, but it got cancelled. Another very nice man.

  • Was it AH that did you're ablation?

  • It was indeed Lainie

  • Yes he's lovely and so easy to talk to as he talks on our level.

    I have had 2 ablations with him and will be seeing him again soon

    It's such an individual condition and effects everyone in different ways but is also very frightening at times .

    Having such a highly thought of and fantastic people person as Andy Hogarth as you're EP certainly helps.

    Best wishes


  • Glad it went well for you Jason, and you didn't try and sit up in the middle of this one ,although you could have got a pain in your side with all the laughing😁. I wouldn't mind and EP like that when I have my ablation.

  • Ha ha, I did mention my discomfort the first time around to Dr Hogarth who responded "Ah that will be Steve then, he is very liberal with his drugs, it's on account of him going to Eton, don't you know" his team were in fits of giggles and said they were to inform my first EP of his comments. All tongue in cheek and all added to my ablation experience being a good one 👍🏻

  • Glad it all went well. Welcome to this week's post ablation convalescent club!

  • Hi, I'm due to have ablation at LGI. Cardiologist at PHI said it could be 6 to 12 month waiting list. How long did you have to wait?

    AF symptoms so severe now (just spent 4 days in hospital trying to regulate heart rate of 150+) . Medication and cardioversion tried and failed.

    Not looking forward to the potential long wait, but happy to read that the team at LGI offer excellent care!

  • Hi,

    It took 3 months the first time and just over 4 months the 2nd time. That was from the appointment with my EP to the ablation date. I think LGI have several EPs working out of there, so you may be in a better position than you think time wise. Once you have had the first consultation, then things move quite quickly.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Jason that makes me feel a bit more hopeful. Just need something to work because symptoms of AF are debilitating, trying not to let it affect work, but I need to accept my limitations, hard though it is. Keep being told by medics that I'm young to be having this doesn't help

  • My first ablation reduced my symptoms no end and hopefully this will help me have a good few years AF free. I was 41 when I got AF and although it's been a hard pill to swallow, I've come to terms with it and read a lot about it. The ablation route is a personal choice one not everybody takes, but keep reading the posts on this site and you will soon see how others have faired.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Thank you hope you're on the road to being AF free I will keep posted it's reassuring to know you're not alone

  • Hi Jason, pleased it has all gone so well for you. I wish you well.

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