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Anyone here take St. Johns Wort or Kalms?

I suffer with Atrial Fibrillation and am currently taking daily doses of Amiodorone 200mg, Bisoprolol 3.75mg and Warfarin 3.5mg - I have been feeling extremely stressed and a little low recently and want to take something to help me through this difficult period. Ihave been prescribed Diazepam for several months but have built up a resistance to them - plus I have really had enough of them!

Will there be aninteractions with any of the above if I take St Johns Wort or Kalms (Valerian root)?

I used to be on antidepressants and really don't want to go down that route again!

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I THINK St John's Wort reacts with warfarin so you might like to discuss with INR clinic.



St Johns Wort has been known to trigger AF. It's well known. You might look into that. Valerian always gave me palpitations. I avoid both. You might try Potters Nodoff, which is pure Passiflora. I found these to be good for me, and have used them for years. I also tried pure Passiflora tea which was good, but in moderation.


Although not a medication, I find Bach's Rescue Remedy very helpful, they also have Night Rescue Remedy.

If you are anxious you may also have a look at doing some CBT for worry thoughts. Also keep an emotional journal helps, just dumping whatever you are thinking, even nonsense, can really help empty your head of them as once establishes they tend to go onto the roundabout a

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Sorry, meant mental roundabout. Also there is loads of free stuff about sleeping, or lack of, on HearMath site and go to free services. Much safer than taking anything.

It is now being recognised that sleep deprivation is one of the major triggers AF and of course you will not cope with stressful situations if you are sleep deprived so a vicious cycle, it is important to get some support. Would your GP support a sleep study or refer you for some sort of psychological support to help you to manage better?


Hi JoeBob

ANY other medicines, even vitimins and certainly supplements and herbal remedies should be discussed at length with your Pharmacist or Doctor.

As Bob says St Johns Wort interferes with warfarin, amiodarone reacts to just about everything it's a powerful mixture of prescription drugs you are taking and you need the very best pharmacological advice before you even think of taking anything else at all.

completely agree however with the "happy pills" They have their place of course, but seldom seem to be a solution, and this time of year is always difficult. Is there anyone you can just talk to?, that I suggest almost always seems to be the best thing you can do, and if all else fails, we are here, and most of us over Christmas as well, so do feel free to use and abuse us, if nothing else we can provide a shoulder to cry on.

Be well


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Whenever I feel stressed or worried about anything I take Rescue Remedy

I wouldnt be without it. When you initially use it you think it couldnt

possibly work but trust me it does, try it Im sure you wont be disappointed.

The only thing is I spray more lavishly than prescribed probably because

Im uptight about something at that moment. I did try Kalms some years

ago but didnt have the required result. Hope this helps.



St Johns Wort should not be taken with warfarin


St John's Wort does react with Warfarin and it is not wise to take it. Your pharmacist should be able to help you choose an appropriate medication for your needs and often your anticoagulation nurse at your Warfarin clinic can help. It is miserable feeling low and suffering the side effects of the drugs for AF. I do feel for you and hope you get sorted soon. Anne


Wise words, St Johns Wort is not a light herb! if the other suggestions don't work try


Hope things calm for you and you can get some rest!


You must not mix St Johns Wort with Warfarin.


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