Does anyone else take fish oils?

I always used to take Cod Liver Oil to help with arthritis, but stopped it when I was put on the Verapamil/Digoxin/Warfarin medication, tho' I can't remember whether that was because it was contra-indicated, or because I wanted to cut down on all the pills, I also take Celebrex and Ranitidine.

I was told, many years ago, that taking any more than three types of tablets will always

cause interactions , which I really wanted to avoid!

Please tell me what you think.

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  • I have taken a fish oil capsule daily for years. I cannot see how it would conflict with anything else unless you have an allergy. It is a concentrated form of a natural food.

    Any two tablets can conflict. Before taking any supplements you need to check for contra- indications.

  • When I was on Warfarin I asked the hospital INR clinic nurse if it was all right to continue with Cod Liver Oil. Her only response was 'Why do you need it"

  • Lubrication?

    Her guess would be as good as anyone else's. Any how it's not going to harm you and will probably do you good.

  • My GP advised me to continue to take Cod liver oil which has been a daily event since the 1940's (remember flat bottles of it and orange juice concentrate after WWII anyone?). I'm taking Flecainide, Bisoprolol and Apixaban.

  • Thank you Finvola, I rather thought that might be right, so I'll go out and get some this afternoon!

  • Granjan, a naturopath told me that Flaxseed oil is better for women than cod liver oil - something to do with the way it works in the body I think. He also said the bottle of oil was better than the tablets so I've tried it as a salad dressing - can't stand the taste, though, so have reverted to capsules!


  • Thank you Caroline. Is that for arthritis or AF? Or everything?

    While shopping this afternoon in Boots I was surprised to see that fish oils/ cod liver oils are recommended for heart health, but no mention of creaky joints, which is what I thought I was taking it for for yonks! Jan

  • It's for AF. I wasn't a great supplement taker, but out of what was recommended I now use a multivitamin, CoQ10, Flaxseed oil and Vitamin C. Magnesium was also on the list, but I really didn't get on with it.


  • Having taken it for so long are you joints still well oiled and in tip top condition? Do you keep it in a cool place or in the fridge? It goes cloudy/thick in the fridge in the door of the fridge and needs a good bit of a shake. Even in a cool place the taste tends to go off a bit by the end of the bottle.

  • So far, I've had no joint or bone problems - even from an atrophied disc which I damaged 30 years ago. I take a 1000mg capsule daily, kept at room temperature. I couldn't face the liquid of my childhood ever again!

  • I always prefer the real thing to concentrated or powdered forms.

    I once asked a herbalist who had a very big following with consulting rooms and a health shop how her vegan/vegetarian clients could swallow gelatine capsules during the Mad Cow Disease epidemic. A look of horror crossed her face. Some time later a sign appeared in the window saying that none of their capsules came from animal products.

    It is only since 1997 that the FDA has been monitoring the potential risk of transmitting animal diseases, especially bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as Mad Cow disease. The FDA study concluded: "...steps such as heat, alkaline treatment, and filtration could be effective in reducing the level of contaminating TSE agents; however, scientific evidence is insufficient at this time to demonstrate that these treatments would effectively remove the BSE infectious agent if present in the source material."

  • Yeah, I remember those bottles - my Mum used to get them from the local clinic. Nowadays I take Pharma Nord Arctic Cod Liver Oil. My meds are; Ramipril, Felodipine, Simvstatin, Bisoprolol and Warfarin. Also take Bio Q10. No problems at all with any of it.

  • I started taking Krill fish oil to help ectopic beats and to improve circulation. I also take Cod Liver Oil (a top quality one 'Blue Ice' made by Green Pastures) to help avoid tooth decay (google Ramiel Nagel if you are interested).

    Thank you for the reminder on cutting down/checking the pills and supplements we take. I find you need to be careful once you start taking these things the numbers of pills seem to increase or maybe I am just going through a difficult period, AF fine but gastro and teeth problems.

  • Yes it does creep up somehow, when I was originally told about "no more than three of anything" I cut out all but three, and instantly felt much better. So I'm very careful how I take my medication, and spread them throughout the day, so that there's less chance of a clash!!! ( I hope !) Jan

  • Hi Geanjan I am on Warferan plus lots of other medications for Vasculitis and they have all been ok with the warfarin .Sorry me to to say fish oil as well

  • Scrap the fish oil tablets, and have a tin of sardins or mackerel every day, do you more good.

    thats what i have, I take to many tablets all ready. Good luck

  • I take Emu Oil capsules for arthritis and have done for15 years (has all the omega oils in it). I had tried several well known brands of fish oils before but find the Emu Oil much more effective. I was told that it was okay to take with my AF meds and vit c as well. Forgot to take them on hols with me a few years ago (have to buy them on line so couldn't get any) I was in agony by the end of the hol - stiff fingers and joints and a lot of pain. A week after taking again all was well.


  • Can you get Emu oil in UK? I've never heard of it, but it sounds worth a try from what you say. Thank you for your answer, I was a bit shy of asking, but there have been so many helpful suggestions. Thank you all.

  • Hi ther

    I get mine from pioneer trading , they are lincolnshire you will find them easily of the internet, they sell a lot of emu oil products. The come in bottles of 120 capsules and last me a month, I take four a day (14.95 + postage). I do really swear by these and have had friends take them with great results. My daughter swears that they give me my smooth skin, hardly and wrinkles at 68 and other people have noted this. Even a friend of mine put her dog on them and he now bounces aroung like new. I first started taking them for very stiff joints, it would be terrible in the mornings could hardly move my hands and fingers plus other stif joints. Since taking them it has controlled the joint stiffness and pain, still have some not so good days but generally it has helped me a lot.

    There used to be a ot more companies selling them but a lot seem to have dissappeared. Hope this helps.

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