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3 months post Ablation check up

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Had my 3 months post Ablation check up at Glenfield this week and in normal rhythm and heart rate 62,

just had one spell of fast heart rate in last 3 months witch lasted about a hour, my own fault was digging some old turf up and it was rock hard,

apart from that one episode so far so good

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Sounds good higgy. That turf can be a sod can't it. (Sorry couldn't resist that.)

in reply to BobD

haha, good one bob

Fantastic news , I had mine at glenfield and they will look after you , I am 12 months post procedure on August the 31st good luck and sounds great πŸ‘πŸΌ

Best wishes

Sam 😊

That's great news higgy52, it's 5 weeks since my 2nd ablation at Glenfield and so far so good. Keep up the good work but be careful with the gardening ☺

thanks my second as well, thats my job gardening so hard work some time

Great news!

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