9months post ablation

Haven't posted for a long while but read everyone's posts every day. Feel a bit guilty about posting now but need advice. Things were going very well, off all medication since January. In NSR, heart rate a little in the high side for my liking around 90-97 but regular when on my way to work in Friday I began to feel unwell. Took my pulse when u got to work, it was 52. Two minutes a later it was 120 then went down again to 52. Went to my doctors for an ECG but Sod's law it was in NSR when they did it 97. I can cope with the fast heart rates but I am a little worried about the slow rates. Has anyone else experienced this ?

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  • Yes, I used to have periods like this with my heart rate fluctuating from high to low. It made me feel drained. I must say that since my second ablation 2yrs ago I no longer have this problem.


  • Thank you jean. It's good to know I am not alone with this

  • Hi wpw62. Have you any further investigations scheduled? It sounds to me as if a longer term ECG could be beneficial if your heart rate has been blowing hot and cold. A heart rate of 52 isn't that low for some people, but feeling unwell with it plus a variation in rate maybe should be looked into.

    Alternatively, you might like to have a personal ECG monitor which is a useful gadget. It would enable you to do a quick reading whenever appropriate. You could then demonstrate your heart's fluctuations in rate.

    All the best!

  • Thanks rellim296

    Do you mean something like an alivcor device. I have an app on my iPhone that records my heart rates. Seein my GP tomorrow for more info.

  • Yes, exactly. And what about blood pressure? My other half has postural low blood pressure, and has to hold onto the wall at the top of the stairs sometimes, if he goes up too fast, because he feels so wobbly and faint.

    I'm not suggesting that you might have anything wrong - just that it's wise to check out anything that makes you feel unwell, if nothing else so that it doesn't prey on your mind.

  • Well I have been feeling light headed recently. Have always suffered from low blood pressure in the past. Will her things checked out tomorrow

  • My EP told me to us a cuff BP monitor approved by British Hypertension Society. Look at AFA main website re suitable ones. did quite a bit of research at the time (the info either wasn't on AFA site at the time or I missed it) and I bought the AFib model listed on AFA site. Note that when I look at HB numbers from cuff monitor against my AliveCor they don't always correlate because of the fluctuations in HB and so the AliveCor is more accurate (I have mine set at 2 mins).

  • Thanks for you advice Peter

  • Hi,

    I had that problem until I had my AV node ablation a few weeks ago, fingers crossed

    have had no more.


  • Thanks Wendy.

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